21 Wishes

In honour of my 11th post and that June 3rd – MY BIRTHDAY! is approaching at a rapid rate I dedicate this post to my goals that I have set for myself in my upcoming year.

I’ll be entering my third regeneration. I read in a book that it takes the human body seven years for it to renew all of our cells in our body. Every seven years it’s almost like you’re a new you.

I’m accepting gifts, by the way! 🙂

1. Blog more frequently. I have been extremely busy in the past few weeks so my blog may not be as up-to-date as I would like it to be.

2. Exercise more. I enjoy exercising. It helps me stay centred and focused.

3. To travel to a new place. This will be a joyous adventure. It will allow me to expand my adventurous side.

4. To cook a new recipe everyday. This is a good one. I love cooking. I have so many recipes in my recipe box. I will also reorganize and keep you posted with what I try. Maybe I’ll make a separate blog… I will keep you informed.

5. To brush up on my French. Learning a language helps your brain stay in shape and also improves your memory. I’ve been inspired by my coworkers who can speak another language other than English.

6. To not let perfection be the enemy of the good. From as long as I could remember I thought that in order to be “good enough” EVERYTHING had to be perfect. But I’ve been learning and feeling that being “perfect” is exhausting. “Flawed is more perfect than perfection.”

7. To overcome a fear. I have too many fears that I need to overcome to help me grow. They range from heights to trains/train tracks and many more.

8. Drink more water and less sugar. I was inspired when I went to a friend’s place and all we drank was tea and water. I feel healthy about myself. I love adding cucumbers and lemons to my water. It’s quite scrumptious!

9. Meditate. I need to work on this because it will help me stay present. I feel more relaxed when I find ten minutes or so a day clearing my thoughts. When I focus on the present I can truly let go of the past and stop obsessing about the future.

10. To learn something new everyday. I would love to learn something new everyday. I would be able to gain 366 titbits of wisdom that I can use to help others.

11. Save more money. I need to start saving money for my future. I know I said earlier that I wouldn’t worry about my future, but it is never too early to start saving. You never know what the future holds so it is best to be safe and prepared.

12. To declutter. I am beginning to fall in love with having less stuff. It’s more relaxing. It adds more value to things that I own. I know that I should only buy things that I need and these items would give me joy. And whenever I don’t use something I pass that on to another person who sees that value.

13. To continue being an inspiration to others. I will continue to inspire others to be the best they can. I recently inspired one of my friends to run in the morning. I’ve inspired others to be more positive but spreading my optimism with them. I told friends that my passwords are quotes. I feel proud of myself to inspire others.

14. To attend community events. This will help me socialize with others more and to get support that is available.

15. To spend more time on myself. I used to view this act as selfish. But I learned to look at life through an airplane analogy. If there’s an emergency and when the oxygen masks come down you are told to place the mask on you first not your child, not your spouse not anyone else but yourself first. So in order to help others you must learn to help yourself first.

16. Spend more time with family. Last year I dedicated a lot of my time and energy with this one friend who meant the world to me. But a lot of things happened. I realized that our friendship was quite a pernicious friendship. So now I’m striving towards to find a healthy balance between my friends and family.

17. Worry less. Everyone knows that I can worry a lot. Like A LOT. My worries can be about the smallest worries like breaking a key or deciding what to wear or what to bring with me when I pack to go out. Since I worry about what I should bring with me I overpack thinking I need this or I’ll totally use this item. But in reality I wouldn’t need any of those things. I just think I do. I need to reprogram my thoughts and direct my thinking towards something positive and inspiring.

18. Continue being more organized. I often find that I can be rushing out the door regardless of how much time I give myself to get ready. I need to focus more on better organizational skills. I’m also going to reorganize and decorate my room. “A successful morning is prepared in the evening.”

19. Write a book. I’ve heard of this challenge about writing a novel in a month. Which means you would have to write over 1,000 words every day for a month. I’m not that creative nor do I have time so I’m going to aim for a book before my 22nd birthday. I would have to write about 137 words a day everyday for the next 366 days and I would have about a 50,000 word novel.

20. Create new art projects. I enjoy being creative. I use my creativity to make people cards, presents, quote pages and I draw pictures to show people how much I care about them. Now I have to think of better crafts to showcase my artistic abilities.

21. Let go. Letting go of everything and everyone that no longer serves me. If I don’t feel joy I need to detach myself from the person, situation, event object, etc., I must accept that I cannot control everything and everyone. Even though I like things to be done in a certain way I must learn to let go. I seek perfection on all of my affairs. But it is important and necessary for me to let go and allow everything to happen.

I will try my best to complete all of these dreams that I have for myself. I will blog about my progress and my struggles from time to time.

Until next time…


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