21 Things You Might Not Know About Me…

In honour of my 21st post and my 21st birthday I decided to write a post about 21 things that displays myself in a manner that you might not know about me.

1. I have an older sister. She is absolutely amazing. I would be lost without her. She means the world to me.

2. I am a crafty kind of girl. I enjoy using my creativity to add some zest to my life. I make gifts for other people and for their different occasions like birthdays, mothers’ day and fathers’ day or gifts just because.

3. I love to cook. I can make anything from pasta to stir-frys and anything in between.

4. I am a book worm. I enjoy reading a book. I love cuddling under my duvet with a book and a cup of tea. It’s even more enjoyable when there’s a thunderstorm.

5. I have a morning and an evening routine. My morning consists of finding myself and starting my day off right. I eat a healthy breakfast with my morning tea. I read my daily readings and read something inspirational. Then I do my stretches and meditate for a few minutes. Every other day I do the stairs then shower. My evening routine consists of doing a quick tidying and then brewing a cup of sleepytime tea whilst writing my journal about my events and emotions throughout the day.

6. I am an inspirational person. I help other people find inspiration in their lives. I bring a quote of the day to my work. I inspire other people to be their better self and to create healthy habits.

7. I have many birthday traditions. Every year on my birthday I get someone to make me pancakes for breakfast. I go to my grandma’s for dinner and she always make me a cake. Now I’m adding these two things; going to my favourite book store and transferring money into my saving account.

8. I have a memory box. Throughout the year I add all of these positive things and memories to this box which I open the box on New Year’s Eve and reflect on my year.

9. Giraffes are my favourite animal. I love everything about them from their spots to their long necks.

10. I admire butterflies.They remind me of strength to let go of the past, darkness allows them to transform themselves into something beautiful. This allows me to think that no matter what happens something good is around the bend.

11. Yellow. My favourite colour is yellow. I love that it is a positive colour and it is quite bright.

12. My favourite flower are daisies. 🙂 I find them very beautiful.

13. My travelling wish. My dream vacation (possible Honeymoon idea) is to travel to Africa to attend a safari adventure. I would love to feed giraffes. There’s a hotel in Africa which is the only hotel in the world to offer this luxury of feeding giraffes breakfast. I have to start saving up!

14. I played baseball. I was on many baseball teams. I enjoyed every moment of it.

15. Pittsburgh Penguins are my favourite hockey team. I love Sidney Crosby. He’s amazing.

16. I love sewing. I have a sewing machine but I still sew by hand. I enjoy making pillows – well I buy the stuffing of a pillow and then sew two pieces of fabric together over the actual pillow. I love this.

17. I have several of nicknames. The list includes… Lil J, Giraffe Girl and the Girl in the Headband. Lil J comes from Gossip Girl – one of my favourite TV show. Although I would say that I’m a nicer person than her character.

18. My drink of choice is tea. Earl Grey is my absolute favourite!

19. I file away my cards. Every time I receive a card (birthday, Christmas, Get Well, etc.,) I file it away and whenever I feel sad I read about all of the awesome things people have written about me.

20. Less is more. I love the simple things in life. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

21. I love lists. I make lists for everything – future goals, to-do lists, grocery list, you name it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my list. 🙂

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