One Day At A Time

Whenever I am at work, my co-workers and my boss always tell me; “Slow down.” or “Chill girl.” I always get told that I walk too fast and that I need to slow down. I try my best, I sometimes even try to change the way I walk so I can slow down.

I only walk that fast because there’s so much to do in such little time.

I’ve been learning a new way of life and some of the slogans are to take it one day at a time, one step, easy does it, keep it simple. Progress not perfection and don’t perfection be the enemy of the good. I even keep this stone and on one side it has this body in a locus pose and on the back it says; “BREATHE”.

Side note, my boss made fun of me today because he asked me what that stone meant to me and I relied with; “Well… It reminds me to breathe.” Him: “Don’t we already know how?”

Anyway, today I threw all of those slogans out the window! Which is mistake number one.

I made a lot more mistakes than I probably would have had I kept it simple.

My co-worker wasn’t impressed. Today reminded me the importance to take thing at a time and to not overwhelm myself with everything. Take it slow. And remember, “Just breathe.”


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