Earl Grey Tea

I went to a local coffee shop and I ordered my Earl Grey the way my boyfriend makes it for us.

It was delicious. I sometimes add one sugar and a little bit of milk. But the way my boyfriend makes it he adds two teaspoons of sugar and lots of milk.


So today my ma and I went to the beach. It was a nice day. My boyfriend messaged me during his breaks. I read my book. It was very relaxing reading whilst listening to the waves swam to shore.

Although what’s not relaxing a sunburn! It’s really bad. I think this is one of my worst sunburns I have ever gotten.

I look like a lobster.

I’ve applying aloe vera and taking showers using cool water. I even tried something. I cut up cucumbers into slices and I applied them on my burns. It’s took away some of the hotness from my burns.

Today, I will make sure I am safe.


Pancakes with Sliced Strawberries

On my birthday, I remember when I told my boyfriend – well we weren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend at that time – that my sister made her and I pancakes and my boyfriend said that he would have sliced strawberries.

I try to have breakfast with my boyfriend once a week. This week I bought pancake mix and strawberries because I remembered what he had said on my birthday.

He told me that he hasn’t really made pancakes before so I was expecting him to make such a mess in the kitchen. But I guess it helped that I bought the pancake mix that only requires you to add water. That helped. I’m kidding.

His pancakes were golden brown perfect! Then we added butter and syrup and of course our strawberries. It was superb! 🙂

A Leap of Faith

After having breakfast with my boyfriend, he left for work which meant that I got to spend time with his ma, sister and her boyfriend.

She is planning on pursing post-secondary school and it made me think about my future goals.

I was browsing through the program options and it inspired me to really start saving up for college. I have already started but now I would love to pursue my dream.

Today, I learnt to believe in myself and to trust my journey. I will always strive for my dreams no matter what.

Be You – Buddy Wakefield

“So return to yourself

Even if you are already there

Because no matter where you go or how hard you try

or what you do

the only person that you’ll gonna

get to be

(and I know it)

is you.”

-Buddy Wakefield

I love this snippet from one of his poems. It is a reminder that the only person you get to be is you and you shouldn’t try to compare yourself to other people because they are walking a different path than you. Only you have experienced your journey.

Never be too hard on yourself.

Chicken Quesadillas

I caught up with a friend of mine over dinner. We went to a local cafe. I ordered chicken quesadillas with chilled lemon Italian soda. It was absolutely amazing! 🙂

I enjoyed my evening a lot.

Clear Vision

When I was at work today I cleaned the doors and it was a reminder that whenever there is havoc in my life it may be difficult to see everything clearly.

Whilst I was cleaning it I tried my best to clean the doors perfectly, I stepped back and analyzed everything. When it was too streaky, I tried again.

In life when things don’t go as plan don’t fret, step back and try again. When I try again I will be able to see more clearly.

Today, I will not fret instead I will step back to rethink and try again no matter what.


My mom found this piece of paper somewhere in her room…


There’s no thrill in easy sailing

When the skies are clear and blue.

There’s no joy in merely doing that

Which anyone else can do.

But there is some satisfaction

Which is mighty sweet to take,

When you reach a destination

Which you thought you couldn’t make.

Peach Mango White Tea

For those who don’t know me I absolutely love tea! Last week my boyfriend and I tried this tea and it was so good.

My boyfriend adds sugar, a lot more than I typically add (I guess we aren’t sweet enough – I’m kidding, we totally are.) and we also add milk. I usually don’t add milk and sugar to my tea but since my boyfriend does and makes ours with it I started liking it again.

Organizing Your Life

Your life will become so much easier if you find order in your life. You have to find what’s best for you. Everyone has their own method of cleaning and organizing.

I have been working on organizing my life. I need to work on myself. I haven’t been able to since I have been working and spending time with my boyfriend. My co-workers are great people so they make work enjoyable. So work isn’t that bad. I always enjoy spending time with my boyfriend.

I finally found the time to organize and prioritize my life better. So much is happening so I need to focus more and being prepared for life.

Got to get started. 🙂

Today, I will spend organizing and trying to make my life a bit easier on myself. Even if I don’t spend a lot of time organizing, I will try to dedicate a solid 20 minutes organizing. Even though 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, you will get more done than you think.