Talking to a Stranger

Talking to strangers may not be the wisest choice but if you approach them with a conversation they can provide you with a lot of wisdom. Although you should be cautious when speaking to people you do not know.

My mama took me shopping today and I picked up two dresses from the racks and then walked to the changing room area. I showcased them to mama and as I did a woman nearby really admired my dress. She told me that the dress I tried on was beautiful.

She wanted to try this dress on but in a different size. I tried to remember where I found it since I went around all of those racks. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find it but I did help her select a dress.

As I was leaving to the checkout I saw her try on her dress and I told that it was a nice dress and that she should get it.

Today, I will talk to someone to gain knowledge and to help others out. But I will also remember to use caution when talking to them.


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