Do One Thing.

Every day you should do ONE THING that will better you. It can be a small gesture to a grand gesture. It can be a small step such as donating something that you no longer use to someone who will use it.

You can go for a run, clean up your room, read a book, do a puzzle, meditate, try a new yoga pose. You may even wish to journal about it. Anything that will improve your well being will be enough.

Remember you are enough. Never doubt that.

Keep your head up and embrace the positive in your life. Taking the first step may not be easy but it will be the best step you can make.

Maybe something you try is to cease a bad habit (smoking, consuming caffeine, gossiping, nail biting, etc.,) remember you don’t have to completely quit but see if you can go a day without it. You may even surprise yourself. You don’t need to wait around to gain motivation, just keep moving and you will find it with every step you take.

Today, I will challenge myself to do something that will better me. I would gain confidence in myself with each activity.

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