Penne With Sausage

All of that shopping earlier made me hungry so I made myself penne and sausage with yellow peppers and celery. It was so good! It’s one of my top ten favourite dishes.

First you boil water, then once bubbled add pasta noodles. I like to add a little bit of butter.

Then cut up sausage in bite-sized pieces and then place in a frying pan.

Chop up the yellow pepper, celery and garlic then place tin a frying pan, but don’t add your garlic yet.

Then once the peppers and sausage is cooked, add the peppers to the sausage, let simmer.

In a small sauce pan boil your sauce I add Oregano leaves, ground pepper and red chili pepper flakes.

Whilst the sauce is boiling, add the garlic with meat and vegetables.

Once sauce is boiled I add the meat and vegetables to the sauce and stir.

Grate Parmesan cheese on top and serve.

Feel free to add more vegetables and onions and meat to this. You can serve garlic bread with it.

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