Lending A Helping Hand

I would love to do a quick tidying of my boyfriend’s room, it’s not atrocious but it just needs a little more tender, love and care. He’s been working long days so he doesn’t have a lot of energy to tidy it. I don’t live there so I don’t know where they keep their cleaning supplies.

But I tried my best. I made the bed, put our dishes in the sink and I dusted off his table. Alas I wasn’t certain if the table is water resistant so I didn’t put a lot of water on a Kleenex. Obviously it didn’t thoroughly clean it but the thought was there.

As usual I left him a note on his pillow. I tried some Origami but failed, again, the thought was there.

Today, I will try my best to lend a helping hand. I won’t just lend a hand for someone to return a favour. For that is business. You should lend a hand because it’s in your heart to do so. This person would be grateful for your action, no matter how big or how small your genuine acts are.


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