It’s important to let other people know how you’re feeling. You should communicate your emotions with the people that you love and who care about you.

No matter what you are feeling you should have open communication because these are the people would understand and help make you feel better.

Today, I will openly express my feelings to others. It’ll make you feel better and strengthen your relationship.



I’m not sure if I wrote this one before but if I have I’ll write another quote.

“The past has no power over the present moment.”

I chose this quote because this is something that I am working on and I shouldn’t compare myself to other people.

This quote is something that I need to change in myself. Everyone is unique. You need to unlock yours.

All we have is the present moment. Embrace it and find the positive in everything.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Yesterday morning, I brought over pumpkin pie ice cream to my boyfriend’s. We had some for breakfast, which wasn’t all that healthy, I know. I’m glad that my boyfriend enjoyed it!

I am so sad that a lot of places are discontinuing their pumpkin collection. I wish pumpkin season was longer. šŸ˜¦

Reaching Goals

Last night before I went to bed I wrote a list of things that I wanted to accomplish. I woke up within the first few minutes of my alarm which is an accomplishment because I usually pressed snooze for about an hour some days.

I woke up, did my stretches then did a Sudoku puzzle, ate breakfast and drank my tea. I washed the dishes and then I went for a shower. Tidied up my room and got rid of a few things in my desk drawer.

I feel quite proud of myself that I was able to accomplish a lot of things that I wanted to complete.

Today, I will write down my goals and work hard to complete them.

Bourbon Chicken Caesar Salad

My sister and I hung out today. We had lunch with our mama and then we went clothes shopping. It was a good day.

For lunch she bought us this dish called bourbon chicken Caesar salad. The chicken was coated with this bourbon sauce topped on a Caesar salad. It was great!

The Future

I had breakfast at my boyfriend’s today and his sister joined. It was the first time the three of us had breakfast together.

Anyway it was an enjoyable breakfast. We talked about our future – our wedding, our honeymoon, our children. It was fun. I don’t know how we started talking about that but we did.

Today, I will think of how the decisions I make now will shape my future.


“There was a typewriter

Buried alive in that horse,

The one I used to ride out of the flood.”

I don’t know what it is but I love this quote. To me, I see it as a way of chasing your dreams no matter how many obstacles stand in your way; you must continue to work harder to achieve your goals.

Letting Go

Last week I was sick so I forgot that I didn’t post anything for Buddy Wakefield Wednesday. I apologize for not remembering so here are two posts to make up for it.

“This is an apology letter to the both of us for how long it took me to let things go.”

I love this quote! It describes a time of my sadness.Ā There were many times where I struggled to let go of a dying friendship and to accept that things were never able to go back to the way they were. It took me a long time to accept this fact but after accepting that truth, it is okay that my friendship ended. It was a difficult to accept and move on. But after many months I was able to move on with my head held high. A lot of things went wrong and I am sorry that things ended for the way they did.

There areĀ times where I think of you and wonder if you are okay. But I am okay that we are no longer friends anymore. It taught me a lot of things that I needed to learn like acceptance of others and that you can’t mold someone into someone that they are not.

It was for the best. I realized that friendship happened for a reason and I am forever grateful for that friendship. If it wasn’t for that friendship I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend and I adore him to pieces. ā¤