Plan for Tomorrow

I am starting to get into a habit of planning out my tomorrow before I go to bed. I have managed to plan out my whole week and I am really proud of myself.

I wrote out my goals and what I want to accomplish.. I cannot wait to start my day off right!

I am going to clean when I wake up. I am also going to do a bit of decluttering. I find that getting rid of stuff that I no longer use is very freeing.

Today, I will plan out my tomorrow. I will write my goals out to make more meaningful and motivate me to accomplish them.


4 thoughts on “Plan for Tomorrow

  1. Pippa @ Mind, Body, Work, Travel says:

    This has been helping me out so much! I use Clear on my phone, and write down my tasks for the first few hours of the day. I also order them by priority (Clear actually makes it easy to do this). I’m usually so out of it first thing in the morning that it’d be really tough to get shit done if I only wrote my list once I was actually awake!

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