The only part of leaving my boyfriend’s house that makes me happy is that I place notes around his room. I leave after him so he never knows where I leave them until he finds it.

I used to leave them on his pillow but his brother told me that he read one of my notes so I decided to scatter them in his room with page numbers in the top right corner.

This note was nine pages long (they’re like the size of a Post-It Note so it isn’t that lengthy). It’s just a coincidence that today’s note has been the longest note I have written excluding my letter.

I don’t know why I laugh so much when this happens. I find it really funny and cute.

Today, I will add humour throughout my day. Although it must be humour that doesn’t harm anyone.


4 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. daviddiamondblog says:

    ah. thank you for sharing this. i hope you don’t mind if i share my thoughts. stop writing notes and annoying the guy. u know he wont understand them. blokes are not sentimental. when he puts them in the bin he will just upset you. or worse turn out to be more emotional then you and save them all.


    • yellowdaisies3 says:

      I appreciate your feedback. It isn’t just a guy. He’s my boyfriend and he appreciates the notes that I leave him. He files them away in a safe place. He isn’t annoyed by them. He enjoys coming home to them. I express my appreciation and love that i have towards him. It’s always nice to look back down when we grow together.


      • daviddiamondblog says:

        logically. he wont have the emotional connection to handmade notes like a woman would. so actually. he is in a tight spot there. i admire your candor though. grow forth! also read my blog please. im new and have just like 2 things. also leave comments. i got a knack for this i think!


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