This is something I must remind myself. As much as I want to help out others I must accept and understand that everyone is their own person. There isn’t anything I can do about their solution. Sure, I can offer support to them from time to time but I must understand that they are entitled to make their own decisions without my advice.

If it is something that I no longer feel comfortable with, I understand that I can walk away from it at any moment.

I have to learn that the decisions of others will only hurt me if I allow them to. Sometimes what people do isn’t intentional and that I shouldn’t take what they do personally.

I have learnt the hard way that we cannot save people. The person has to be their own angel and rescue themselves. No matter how difficult it is to watch them.

Another thing I learnt the hard way is that we can’t be someone’s safety net, we have to let that person fall so they can learn that what they are doing is wrong and hurting you. Every time we are at the bottom waiting for them to fall we are only delaying their learning experience. That is something that is very difficult to do. I’m not saying this to be mean, I am expressing everything that I had learnt over the past two years.


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