Ginger Green Tea

I enjoy drinking Earl Grey but since my boyfriend loves green tea. I mixed things by drinking ginger green tea. I haven’t had it in awhile and it’s still delicious.

Goal Setting

I am focusing on myself and how I would to achieve my goals. I have put some thought into my goals on paper and right now I am thinking of ways of how I would like to achieve them.

Goal setting is really important.

Today, I will start brainstorming and thinking about all of the cool things that I would like to achieve.



I enjoy dragonflies and butterflies. I love what they symbolize because to me butterflies show you that even in the darkest nights you transfer into something beautiful. I also think if you are missing someone and you see a butterfly it’s the universe’s way of saying that person you are missing is okay.

I like how dragonflies remind us how strong we truly are.