Day Two

Hi there! Today marks Day Two of the Gratitude Challenge. If you miss Day One, no worries, it is listed below. You can start this challenge whenever you are ready.

Day Two is about learning to appreciate the good experiences in your life. This challenge is about looking at an old photograph or a digital version of some kind of photo, of you and/or others having a joyous time. Look back on that day, and ask yourself why you are grateful for that memory? What can I do to plan this day in the near future? Perhaps, you went on a vacation by yourself, or with others.

Or maybe you’re thankful because that day taught you an important lesson, or maybe it was a photograph of someone who isn’t here anymore, you spend your days celebrating their live and traditions. That photograph is how you are grateful to know such an amazing person and how glad you are that your paths crossed.

Anything along those things is good. Be sure to thank that photo and the memories or the lessons it taught you.

You can write about it in the comments below or in a notebook or even in your notes on your computer or in your phone. Or even just think about it for a few minutes.

The picture I am thinking about is when I met my niece and held her for the first time. That photo is dear to me because I am grateful to have her in my life. I’m grateful for her because she brought my sister and I closer together than we were before my niece was born. That day made me realize how strong my big sister is, and seeing how happy she is with motherhood.

Another photo I was at a cottage for a family gathering. It makes me happy because I love the sun and being with my family. It also reminds me of one of my favourite quotes… “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” -Helen Keller

I look forward to reading all of your comments. You don’t have to post a photo, if you aren’t comfortable with it.

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