Spring Rain

I have thought of a new idea for my blog, I will publish either a poem or something I am currently writing. I would love to write a novel, or even a short story. I will be able to post that on Wednesdays. Stay tuned.

The air is warm.
The wind is cool.
The sun is out shining down
until the clouds start rolling in.
Drip drip
The rain slowly falls.
Until it suddenly begins to pour.
It’s okay though.
Everything happens at its moment.
Nothing comes to you at a moment later
then you need things to happen.
The clouds are just like us.
When we have been too strong,
for too long,
we begin to become overwhelmed with things.
Learn to let go.
We feel so much better when we let things go.
May we reap what we sow.
We can use our energy to grow flowers
or we can use excuses and grow weeds.
Our words also determine what we grow.
We can use our words to grow into the person we want to be or
we can use them to belittle ourselves.
May the spring rain fall on us to help us
nourish and grow strong and tall.
Use the rain to wash away all of the bad things,
like the things that keep us from growing.
Embrace yourself for all that you are.
Including your doubts.
Say them out loud.
And use the rain to wash them away.
Turn yourself into the sun.
And let yourself grow.
And never look back.

Image Credit: Kaye Manner, found on Google Images


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