Day Five

Today is about thankful for a special skill or talent that you have, but not a lot of people have. Or just any skill that you are happy to have.

It can be anything from the ability to read, to speak another language or to cook great food.

Whatever the skill you think about, write about why you are thankful, write or think about who taught you this skill. Say thank you out aloud, or call this person up, expressing your thankfulness.

For me, that skill that I’m most happy to have is reading. It has the ability to calm me down, allow me to “travel” into another world. Especially I have to put my plans on hold because because of the coronavirus lockdown. This time will give me more time to save up more money. The person who made me fall in love with books is my sister. She is three years older so she knew how to read and always read us stories before we went to bed. She always had the best books.


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