Day Fifteen

Hi again! We should feel grateful for air conditioning. The weather is starting to sizzle, I am glad to stay cool.

I am so glad to have it in my place. Air conditioning is an amazing invention. Today, let’s feel gratitude for anything that keeps you cool during the hot weather.


2 thoughts on “Day Fifteen

  1. Fomtriok says:

    I fully agree! Would love to have an AC. Though I made a small calculation and found that it would increase by electricity bill several times over. So unfortunately I’ll pass for now. Also, a quite shocking impact of ACs is that they quite significantly raise the temperatures in big cities where a lot of people have one. I am not saying people shouldn’t have ACs, but I’m just acknowledging that it is a societal problem too. (A third note, lol; If one wants to stay cool, one shouldn’t live on the top floor, whether one has an AC or not. The air heats up floor after floor, in particular if the neighbours below use ACs, which ironically means people on the top floor pay a lot more for the same cooling effect as those who live below.) Have a good day!

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    • yellowdaisies3 says:

      Interesting point about how they raise temperatures in the cities. Never really thought of it like that before. Personally I think I could live without one, but I’ve never actually had my own place before, so I never had any say/control over that. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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