Wilted Roses

Love is a rose.
Before it blooms it is seen as
something pure and so innocent.
For others the rose buds quickly,
for others they sprout slowly.

Regardless how and when they bloom,
there’s no denying
the passion
was breathtaking.

Roses are like the royalty
of all the flowers.
They need to be
treated as such.

Rose petals are soft
and delicate.
Thus needed to be handled
with care and

The petals begin to
The rose becomes bare,
but it’s still beautiful.

Roses are known
to be short lived.
Only a few
have a magic touch
to prolong their lifespan.

To love a rose,
and to be in love.
one must be aware of its thorns
piercing trough their soul.

Petals begin to fade away,
but that doesn’t mean
things can’t blossom


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