Day 14 of 192

This is a shirt my sister had bought me on one of our many shopping sprees growing up. I loved this shirt so much, it reminds me that I can be as free as a bird. It’s a lovely shade of blue, and blue isn’t even my favourite colour.

I held onto this shirt because of the memories I had with my sister. We still have get hang outs, but things are a bit different now, since my niece is still young to experience some of the cool things we used to do, like go shopping, see a movie, or go out for a hike in the trail. And that’s okay, we’ll be able to do these things before I know it. Just so everyone know, there’s no hard feelings, and I understand that my sister is a mom first. I enjoy hanging out with my niece, and I’m excited to share all of these experiences with her.

That’s why it was so hard for me to donate this shirt, but now I have accepted these things, so I am ready to let this shirt go. It truly is freeing.


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