WWW Wednesdays – July 22nd, 2020

I have read another book for my 20 Books of Summer 2020. I have only read seven books so far, but now that I have more time to myself, I will be able to catch up.

This idea came from Cathy 746 Books Blog. The goal is read 20 books from your To Be Read List throughout the summertime. If you don’t have the time, then you can make it your 10, or 15, or any other number of books for the summer. It began on June 1st, and ends on September 1st.

In case of some of you haven’t seen a post like this before, this post answers the following questions…

  1. What have I finished reading?
  2. What am I currently reading?
  3. What will I read next?
  1. What have I finished reading?

I really enjoyed this story. I am looking forward to reading more of these stories, and to watch the movies, as well.

2. What I am currently reading?

I started reading this book yesterday, and wow! I love it. It is quite a page turner and a really good start to the series. This is written by J.K. Rowling, so it was fascinating to read especially right after I have finished Harry Potter.

3. What will I be reading next?

This is the second book of the series. These books have been developed into a TV show series, which I am going to start watching after I finished these books first.

I like to read books using my imagination first.

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