Day 52 of 192

Hi everyone! I was organizing my shower drawer because I was taking an inventory check. At the end of the year, my new tradition, which was part of my 26 Goals, my boyfriend and I are going to buy all of our essentials (to a certain degree, I wouldn’t recommend buying more than three months worth of cleaning products, but we were planning on buying toothbrushes, shower gels, toothpaste, etc.) for the following year. I often find that we often have to make a stop after work, or just have to go to grab something. I rather not have to spend this time running out, and this also stops us from aimlessly shopping, looking around at gifts for people. Our stop to buy toothpaste costs even more.

I know it might be the opposite of what I am currently doing, but to me, this is okay, because it would eventually get used up. I have a place for it all to go. I also liked the idea when I was in lock down earlier this year to have some of these essentials on hand already and not having to go out of my way to buy these items.

I guess I forgot this soap because I recall my Grandma giving me this for Christmas a few years ago. I just never gotten around to actually using it. And I’m not sure how old this really is, so like they all say, “when in doubt, throw it out”.


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