Hi everyone! Yesterday, I took the morning and afternoon to unplug, and participated in my readathon. It was a relaxing experience. I was in total silence, no TV, no music, and I refrained from using my phone.

I have my phone on silent all the time, and spend time checking up on any messages, email, and other notifications. I have always been like that ever since I had my phone. And there were times where I have misplaced my phone in my house, and someone would say they were going to call my phone to find it. But that would never work out, since it’s on silent. I felt like with having it on loud, or even on vibrate, then you’re automatically inclined to respond to whatever is wanting your attention right away. I don’t like giving my phone that much control and power. Now, I reply whenever I have the time, or when I want to get back to that person.

It’s hard for some people to understand, because they assume that if you don’t reply back to them within the same minute they sent you something, you must be ignoring that person. Well, to be fair, I used to be one of those people, but now I understand the value of time, and not everyone is going to prioritize their phone’s notifications. It is a freeing experience.

Although I know it must be a bit strange for someone who has a blog that unplugs every now and again. I am still going to blog, but throughout the day, I will be practicing unplugging from technology. There’s more important things to do in life, than to answer the next notification on your phone. I have also been trying to cut back on watching TV. I just know that my boyfriend works hard throughout the day, so it can be challenging to suggest another activity. But we have working on other ways to spend time rather than watching TV. We have been playing cards, board games, and reading a book together.

I am happy with the accomplishment I have made yesterday. It can be really fun not being glued to my phone, or my TV. It truly gives me more time to truly focus on me.

I can’t wait to unplug again, and see what else I can learn about myself.


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