Taxi Driver Chapter Five

Here is the fifth chapter of Taxi Driver, in case you are behind or would like to reread the previous chapters again, here is everything Taxi Driver related.

I apologize for taking a little longer than usual to write this chapter, I have been really busy in the past few days. But I’ll be sure to make it up to y’all, soon.

Chapter Five

One Week Later…

Since Saturday mornings were reserved for Evan and Theodore, Evan was heading to the hospital. Though he arrived a bit late, since it was snowing more than he had expected, and not a lot of roads were plowed yet, since it was still early in the morning.

He had walked in with his tea for himself and his dad, as per usual.

“You made it, Evan!” Theodore exclaimed.
“Yeah, it was a bit of a struggle, with all of this snow out there.” Evan explained, as he was pouring Theodore’s tea into his mug, just the way he liked.

Theodore smiled, and asked, “Are you ready to hear about my last favourite customer?”

“Yes, and no. I say no, because it feels like our time is winding down. I don’t want to say goodbye, just yet.” Evan admitted, trying to hold back his tears.

“I know,” Theodore said, reaching for Evan’s hand, “but let’s enjoy the time we have together.”

Evan wasted no time reaching for the journal his dad pointed to. Evan took a sip of his tea, before he began reading.

“September 8, 2049

I had picked up this gentleman from his house, and I suppose this guy was in his mid to late 30’s. He was wearing a wedding band, but he didn’t seem all that happy, unless he was just having a bad day.

He was a lawyer, since he had told me to drive him to this law office. He didn’t really say much to me, because he was on his phone a lot. But I didn’t seem to mind. He had felt bad, so he had tipped me a bit extra.”

Evan stopped reading, because he wanted to take a drink of his tea.

“So, what’s so special about this guy?” Evan wondered.

“Because he was about to be taught an important lesson. But you have to continue reading the journal to find out.” Theodore said.

“Okay.” Evan agreed, picking up the journal again.

“September 27, 2049

I had picked him up again, only this time he wasn’t on his phone. He was feeling a bit better, but not by much. He had apologized about his rude behaviour last time. He had properly introduced himself as Stephen. I had also introduced myself, too. He had told me that the reason why he was on his phone was that he got informed that he had an important deposition with a client. The meeting wasn’t supposed to be for another three weeks, but it got moved up. It caused him to be stressed out even more. I know a lot of his job is confidential, so I didn’t ask him many questions about his work.

But I asked him how everything else in his life was going. He had told me that things can be better. But that is all he had said. He didn’t involve many details about his life, but I noticed that he wasn’t wearing his wedding band anymore. I didn’t bother asking him more questions. I knew if I was meant to know more about his life, than I would be able to see him for the third time and have a better reading on what is happening in his life. From there I would be able to figure out how to help him.”

Evan said, as he was closing the journal, for a moment.

“I am really going to miss spending all of this time with you.” Theodore confessed.

“Me, too.” Evan replied.

Theodore had finished drinking his tea.

“I know you must have saw him again, but I wonder what is going to happen to Stephen.” Evan pondered, as he was turning the page.

“October 7th, 2049

I saw him again, and I was able to get clearer reading on him. This time I picked him up from his office, and heading home, or so he had thought. I had another place in mind.

Before he even told me that he wanted to go home, I started driving him somewhere else. He eventually realized I wasn’t driving him back to his house. He got a bit upset, about what was happening. I began explaining to him that I was able to read what was going on in his life.

I recommended that him and his wife attend couples’ counselling. I can tell that him an his wife were going through some challenging times. He demanded that I tell him how I knew that. I told him that I had a secret power that I was able to take people where they actually needed to be, instead of where they thought they needed to go. I was able to help them by advising people what to do next.

He without a doubt agreed that seeing a therapist would be beneficial. He admitted to me that his marriage has been falling apart as of lately. He has been working late a lot, and there hasn’t been much time to actually bond. He just feels like their marriage hasn’t been working. Teresa feels like she is raising Heather as a single mom, because he has been working too much. He then proceeded they’ve been trying to stay together for Heather. Teresa has been thinking about having another child hoping that this baby would be the answer to all of their problems. He told her he would rather wait for them to be stable first.

He didn’t want to be like those couples that have a baby in order to save their marriage. He was angry that one night and took off his wedding band, but he still had it in his briefcase.

I took him to a couples therapist office. He had informed the secratary and he would like to register him and his wife for some counselling. He was given some paperwork, and he booked an appointment.

And then after all that was done, I drove him home.”

Evan said putting the journal down, flipping through the next pages, realizing the pages after this entry were blank.

“He was one of my last customers that I was able to read. I retired in January 2050. The customers after him, I didn’t see enough to get a clear idea of what was wrong. I knew that I wanted to spend time with grandchildren, and your mom and I had enough money to live off.” Theodore explained.

Evan just nodded, as he grabbed the envelope that had Stephen hand written on the front of the envelope.

“October 11th, 2050

Dear: Theodore,

I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me, and my family. Teresa and I have gone to couples therapy since you had recommended it to us. We have been going for the past year now.

We came to the conclusion that our marriage had way more problems than we had initially thought. We came to the realization that we were both unhappy and we had thought we were doing the right thing for Heather by staying together. But it was selfish for us to let her be around two unhappy parents together, than be with two happy parents separated instead.

Teresa realized that having a baby together in order to save our marriage wasn’t the answer. Her and I have split custody of Heather. At first Heather was sad, but when she saw her parents happy for the first time in a long time, it made her smile, too.

I am thankful that you and I get to reconnect throughout the past few months now. I hope this can continue, because I enjoy these talks. Thank you for all of your help.

Stephen and Heather”

Theodore started crying, so Evan handed him a tissue.

“Why are you crying, Dad?” Evan asked.

“Because there’s another a letter I want you to read. It just always gets me sad.” Theodore admitted.

“December 11, 2054

Dear: Theodore,

I have appreciate you for taking the time which has allowed us to bond. I would like to tell you I have received the best second wedding anniversary with my wife, Jessica. She had told me that we’re going to be having a baby in August. I am so happy! Heather is excited that she gets to be a big sister.

Speaking of Heather, she is turning 8 in January, and we would love if you could bring your grandchildren and we can all have a tea party. More details to follow.

Thank you so much for everything. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Merry Christmas and happy new year. Wishing you and your family love and happiness.

Warm Regards,
Stephen, Jessica, Heather and Baby”

Evan said, as he was folding the letters back into the envelope.

“I’m just so happy for him. I’m glad I was able to help him.” Theodore explained.

“I’m really glad that you were able to help all of these people. It’s nice to know that you have continued to make a difference in other people’s lives. I’m proud that all of these people stayed a part of your life. I love it, and I’m glad you are my dad.” Theodore said, holding his Dad’s hand.

“I’m happy I can help a lot of people. I try my best.” Theodore confessed.

“Dad, I promised to take Elizabeth out for lunch, so I gotta leave now. Elizabeth does have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so we’ll be able to visit you then. I love you.” Evan said, giving his Dad a kiss on his forehead.

“I love you, too.” Theodore said as Evan had grabbed his coat, and closed the door behind.

Theodore was really excited since their due date was fast approaching. He couldn’t wait to see Elizabeth and take her out for lunch. She was really happy to see him.


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