Containers Full of Stuff

So, after I had moved in with my boyfriend, I kind of left behind some of my things in my old room at my mom’s house. Only because at the time my boyfriend was still living with his family, so we were limited to space.

Another reason why I couldn’t go back to my mom’s and go through my stuff is because it was a long bus ride to and from my boyfriend’s house to my mom’s house. I actually hate that I had left more stuff there. It wasn’t really responsible of me to do.

My mom’s friend was planning in on staying in my room for some time, since she just had broken up with her boyfriend. My sister lived at my mom’s for a bit, too, so she had some of her things there.

Because my sister had stuff there, her boyfriend drove us over to my mom’s house so we can gather up our things from my room. It was a last minute thing, so my sister’s boyfriend bought containers and we placed all of my belongings in these containers. My sister and her boyfriend stored my containers in their basement. After about a year and a half, I can finally start sorting through my things.

I am really happy that I have my stuff back. Since I have been working on my decluttering my belongings, I can see what is actually valuable to me. I am so grateful that I no longer have to haul all of these things with me anymore.

I will for sure talk more about these belongings in the upcoming days.

I was reunited with my Little House on the Prairies book set, which made me so happy. I missed those books.

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