Day 98 of 192

I just noticed that I had a keying error and yesterday was actually Day 97, not Day 98 like I had typed out.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the actual 98th Day of decluttering. Today marks my fourteenth week since I started this journey. I am beyond proud of myself. I definitely feel lighter now.

I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my life. I stopped shopping and adding things to my life. I am starting to feel less stressed out by slowly removing things that no longer brings me happiness. I am able to save up more money since I’m not shopping like I used to. All in all, I am starting to feel so much better.

Today’s item is about all of these odd pieces of jewelry that I have kept from Christmases and birthdays. I am going to be sorting through more of my jewelry later. I only want to keep a few possessions so that way the items I do keep will be that more meaningful to me. But as embarrassing as this is, I have tried to wear these pieces of jewelry, and it would turn my skin green. I definitely don’t need to worry about that anymore.

I didn’t even bother to detangle any of this, because I know I wouldn’t wear any of it anyway.


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