Day 109 of 192

A few weeks I finally got a container that had a bunch of clothes and other random stuff that I shouldn’t have carried with me for all of these years.

My mom gave me this, despite not having worn this sweater in my life, I decided to hold on to it for several years, just in case. But it’s time for me to part ways with this item, so I can bring more joy in my life. It’s a cute sweater, but it just isn’t me.

10 thoughts on “Day 109 of 192

    • 3yellowdaisies says:

      Awe, thank you! And yes, I’m removing one item a day. Decluttering is truly liberating. I normally just give things to my Grandma because my Grandma knows so many people in her neighbourhood. She knows who should get what. It feels really great knowing that I’m helping other people. 🙂


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