Day 112 of 192

Today marks the 16th week of partaking in this journey. I can’t believe there are only 11.5 weeks left of 2020. That is crazy how fast this year went by. It was definitely something else, that’s for sure.

With the colder weather approaching where I live. I decided I wanted to go through my winter accessories. I realized how selfish I have been. I have kept all of these scarves just in case. But I have decided that I am only going to keep a lot less now.

I used to walk to school, so I was always cold. That being said, my Grandma would find a bunch of scarves at church sales, garage sales, and from her neighbours and friends. She would just give me this, and this why I have so much stuff now, since I couldn’t say no. But now I can.

Six years, after I moved out of my childhood house, into a two bedroom apartment with my mom. I decided to go through my scarves. I realized that I had about 30 scarves. I managed to get rid of about two thirds of my collection.

I realized that it’s best to keep two winter scarves and two light scarves. That way you can wear one and wash one at the same time. I dedicated today’s item to this scarf. I normally need it. It’s really beautiful, but I have already decided on what I wanted to keep.

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