Day 125 of 192

This is Sunday’s item.

Because I was always cold all the time, my Grandparents would keep their eyes out for all of these different sweaters at garage sales, and church sales for me. It was nice, but most of the time it became overwhelming because I ended up having a lot of sweaters! And I mean a lot!

I have finally had time to go through all of my things, and found out that the majority of these sweaters no longer fit anymore. Although I am happy because I’m able to pass them back to her, so she can give them to her neighbours. It feels amazing knowing that I am helping someone.

I really appreciated my Grandma finding me all of these things for me. Between my older sister and my Grandma finding me and passing down all of these clothes, I rarely had to go shopping throughout my life. Which probably is why I became obsessed with shopping three years ago.

I feel proud of myself for being able to help others.


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