Day 128 of 192

My mom gave me this shirt, I just accepted without much thought in it. But now that I have re-evaluated my possessions, I can truly see what I need and no longer need.

Even if you get rid of 10 items to someone else in need, you will definitely experience the benefits of decluttering, and the weight of keeping everything in your life.

It is a really cute shirt, but it just isn’t me, and I have a lot of stuff, but I am happy that someone else is going to come across this shirt, and experience even more joy than I did.


2 thoughts on “Day 128 of 192

  1. Virgin Foxy Blog says:

    I love it! But as we evolve we no longer find the need to be attached to certain things and objects. Your old self wanted to keep it, but your new self is searching for something new. That’s why it doesn’t feel like you anymore. Interesting awakening you’re going through right now. I’m inspired.

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    • 3yellowdaisies says:

      Awe, thank you so much! I’m so proud of myself. I have started this whole decluttering mission, countless times before, but I guess I wasn’t fully ready yet, until recently. I guess moving helped, although I have moved a lot beforehand. This one move made me realize how much stuff I actually have. I first started getting rid of things about 6.5 years ago. But now I guess with all of the confidence I have developed, it really made me stronger. Getting rid of one item a day, made things easier, as well. 🙂


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