Unimaginable Treasure Chapter Two

Here it is, the second chapter of my new story. It’s called Unimaginable Treasure. Please know, that I will never judge anyone from holding on certain things. So there’s no need to feel embarrassed about it. We are all humans, and we are doing our best. I am not one to judge or express shame among anyone. Please feel free to provide me with any feedback. I will be posting a chapter every Wednesday. Although I am a bit late with posting this week. I apologize for that I was just thinking about what I should write next. I can’t wait to start writing chapter three of this story. I hope you like it.

For those of you who will like to catch up or just reread the first chapter of the story, click here, threeyellowdaisies.ca/category/unimaginable-treasure/

Chapter Two

They entered Ben’s room and it was fairly organized for the most part. He had two dirty mugs on his night stand, but it was fairly cleaned. Although he could have used a good dusting.

Sophie sneezed loudly.

“Bless you.” Ben said, handing her a tissue. “Sorry, I should dust more frequently.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Said Sophie.

“So where should we start?” Lisa asked as she made a spot for her tea cup on his desk. Ben and Sophie then placed their cups and the plate of cookies beside Lisa’s tea cup.

“For me I think it is easiest to start with the closet, and the clothes. I recommend that you start with the things you don’t have much attachment with first. That way you can build up the strength to get rid of more things, including your sentimental items.” Sophie announced as Ben opened his closet.

“Hm. This is interesting. For starters I have never see you wear this shirt before.” Sophie confessed. She was surprised to see a tie dye shirt stashed away in his closet.

“Okay, well I just thought, I’ll wear it for whenever my aunt comes over. She bought it a few years ago.” Ben admitted, as Lisa laughed.

“Oh, my word! I can’t picture you having that shirt.”

“No, if you haven’t worn it a year, it goes. There are so many people in need, and would love to have this shirt.” Sophie explained.

“This is so much fun. I’m going to quickly grab a reusable bag from the kitchen. I’ll be right back. Does anyone want anything?” Lisa offered.

“Perhaps, you can boil the kettle, if you don’t mind? Maybe in a few minutes you can make us more tea. Cool?” Ben suggested.

Lisa then departed the room.

“I love that girl.” Ben said with the biggest smile on his face.

“I know that! I’m happy that she has found someone as amazing as you.” Sophie replied.

Lisa came back and began placing all of the clothes that Ben no longer wanted in the bags.

“I think the kettle finished brewing. I’ll go make us another cup.” Lisa announced as she carefully carried their mugs downstairs.

“So I see that you have three suits and jackets to match. I think that is a bit much. I think you should see if any one of these sets fits you. Then decide from there.” Sophie ordered, as she removed his suits from their hangers and placed them in his hands.

“I know that this one is too small. I actually forgot that I had this. But this one is my favourite. And I also like this one, too. Is that okay?” Ben asked as he grabbed another suit.

“Well, it depends. If you were to see this in a store, would you buy it?” Sophie asked.

“Hm…” Ben began to ponder. “I would want to buy this one, but I don’t think I would buy this one.”

“Okay, that’s great.” Sophie said as Lisa had brought up Sophie’s and Ben’s cups of tea. She had to go back down to the kitchen for her cup.

Lisa came back up with her tea, and she had curled up on his bed.

“Wait, are you really getting rid of your suits. But your parents spent a lot of money on those?” Lisa wondered.

“Yes, it would appear like they have, but to be fair, one of them no longer fits. And secondly, it would be expensive for him to keep it.” Sophie explained.

“What do you mean? I don’t get it.” Lisa answered.

“Because it will be taking up space in the closet. And someone else can benefit by having this suit. This sophisticated suit will make someone happy, especially this is something not everyone can afford.” Sophie confessed.

“That is an interesting way of explaining things.” Lisa said.

“Now, that you say that, I think I might add a few more shirts.” Ben admitted, removing clothes from their hangers.

“This is awesome!” Sophie squealed.

“This is making me happy knowing that I am helping someone else.” Ben admitted.

“Next, we should see if you have any winter accessories, like extra coats, scarves, etc.” Sophie said, grabbing a cookie.

Ben grabbed a container at the bottom of his closet. He went through it, and followed Sophie’s rule of only keeping two of everything. She explained that if he had to wash something, he would have an extra to wear if he needed to go out.

After sorting through this container, he ended up giving away several things. He had six different jackets, and he realized that he should only need two jackets. He donated a bunch of shoes as well. He didn’t need five sneakers. He had kept a pair of waterproof sneakers, when he realized that his boots would suffice. Sophie had told Ben that he should set aside his winter accessories from his clothes, although he didn’t ask why he needed to separate it from his other belongings.

Sophie suggested that he go through his bed sheets. A lot of people can use these — more than we realize. She told him to put his bed sheets next to his winter accessories.

Lisa was observing Sophie’s method of how to declutter.

“Sophie, you are amazing! His closet is really starting to look more spacious already.” Lisa expressed.

“Thanks, and we’re just getting started.” Sophie admitted.

“I’m so happy with this process.” Ben confessed.

“We can probably work on Lisa’s room next weekend. I’m really glad you two are on board. The donation week is in two weeks. Perhaps, you two can talk to your parents and see what they are willing to donate, as well?” Sophie asked with sincerity hoping that their parents were willing to help.

“Oh no! It’s already 10 o’clock. Ben, you have to drive us home, it’s already passed curfew.” Lisa said with frustration.

“I feel incredibly bad but I won’t be able to wash my tea set before I leave. But we’ll be back tomorrow. Perhaps, that can be your homework for tonight.” Sophie announced.

“Sure, thing. I will take good care of it, for the night.” Ben promised, as he was grabbing the car keys.

Ben’s parents were nice enough to let Ben borrow the family car from time to time. Sophie and Lisa grabbed their purses and walked out of the room.

As they were putting on their shoes, Sophie said, “I couldn’t help but notice, but you have six umbrellas!”

“That I didn’t realize, but maybe I’ll work on that later.” Ben said, as he locked the front door. They were suddenly hit by a chilly breeze, that caused the fallen leaves to dance with the wind. It was also a bit foggy, too.

Ben started the car, and he drove to Sophie’s house, and thanked her for all of her help.

“Thank you so much, Ben! I really appreciated you driving us home. It sure beats walking in this.” Sophie said as she opened the car door, and walked towards her house.

“I feel really good about myself, and all of my progress.” Ben said.

“I’m proud of you, too.” Lisa said, giving Ben a quick peck on the cheek.

When Sophie unlocked her door, she gave them a wave as Ben resumed driving. Ben was raised to always wait until the person he is dropping off is safe in their house before driving away. Thankfully, Sophie and Lisa lived within a few blocks from each other.

“I can only imagine how many bags I am going to get rid of.” Lisa wondered.

Ben and Lisa arrived at her house, he ended up walking her to the door, and kissed her good night.

“Good night, I love you.” Lisa announced.

“Good night, I love you, too.” Ben said kissing her, before she went into her house.

Ben drove home, and began washing the dirty dishes from his room. He even made a vow to never leave his room messy, again.

After all that, he decided to go to bed.


Sophie woke up and she immediately called Lisa.

A few rings went by before she heard Lisa pick up her phone.

“Hey?” Lisa had said sluggishly.
“Oh, did I wake you? Sorry.” Sophie apologized.
“It’s seven thirty.” Lisa asked as she slowly sat up in her bed.
“I know, but in the morning is the best time to get things done!”
“I guess so, it just isn’t me, but… What’s up?”
“I organized my winter gear, so I was thinking that Ben could pick me up, so I can bring my winter gear with me to your place. As can Ben.”

Lisa didn’t seem to respond since she had nodded off.

“Uhm, hello?” Sophie asked.
“Yeah.” Lisa said as she yawned.
“Oh, okay, you know what I’ll call you back in a few hours. Bye.” Sophie said as she hung up.


Sophie had called Ben asking him to pack all of his winter gear that he no longer wanted, and she had asked if he can pick her up before they headed off to Lisa’s house.

They eventually arrived at Lisa’s. Ben and Sophie left their containers of winter accessories in the car. They made sure it wasn’t too early for her, since she isn’t the biggest morning person, especially on the weekends.

“Let’s go through your winter gear. We’re going to be doing something special today.” Sophie announced.
“Okay, I actually have a lot of winter gear. Like more than I thought I did.” Lisa said, all embarrassed.

Ben sat on Lisa’s unmade bed as Sophie began digging through the piles of winter coats and scarves. Lisa was kind of the messy one.

“That’s okay. I don’t judge anyone for having too much stuff. My Grandma’s house was filled with stuff. Like floor to ceiling of things. So I understand.” Sophie explained.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Lisa said.
“It’s okay. I just wished I could have been there for her more. I feel like I could have helped.” Sophie confessed.

There was a short pause, as Lisa and Ben didn’t know what to say to Sophie.

“I have never seen you wear this before!” Sophie exclaimed, as she held up a coat to Lisa, so she could see it.

“Ooh, I was looking for that!” Lisa said.
“Were you actually though?” Sophie asked.
“I guess not, no. But it looks cute.” Lisa expressed.
“Yes, but if you haven’t worn it in a year, you should let it go.” Sophie explained.
“Well, I guess if you put that way, okay, I’ll get rid of it.” Lisa replied as she set her coat aside in a pile filled with her other coats she was letting go.

Sophie came across as a hat with a price tag on it.

“You bought something that you haven’t worn, yet?” Sophie asked as Lisa looked guilty.

“It was on sale, and I thought I needed it.” Lisa added.
“Did you know that things are 100% off if you don’t buy it?” Sophie asked.
“I guess I never really thought about it like that before.” Lisa revealed.

When a container became empty, Ben began folding all of Lisa’s coats and her other accessories she no longer needed.

“Now, you officially own two of everything for this winter.” Sophie happily said.

“Now what?” Lisa asked.

“We have to load it up in the car. We’re going on a mission.” Sophie answered.

As they were starting to put on their gear. It began snowing — the first snowfall of the season.

“You ladies stay here, let me put the container in the car, and I just got to brush off of the snow on my windshield.” Ben said as he was carrying out Lisa’s container.

“You should be so proud of yourself. We’re about to make a lot of people warm and happy.” Sophie said.

“Yeah, I think so.” Lisa said, as she was locking up her house. Sophie and Lisa carefully walked to the end of the driveway to Ben’s car. Lisa sat up front, and Sophie sat in the back seat next to their three containers of stuff.

“Ben, do you remember the plan?” Sophie asked.
“Yes, I sure do.” He replied.

Ben drove them to the downtown mall, because there were a lot of homeless people who looked really cold. Most people didn’t have a lot of stuff. They parked the car in a designated parking lot, as they each carried a container.

“What are we going to do with all of our stuff?” Lisa asked.
“We’re going to give it away to others.” Sophie said.

They began handing out their clothes that they no longer wanted anymore.

They walked up to a middle aged woman, who had a walker filled with miscellaneous items. She was wearing a pair of gloves that had several holes in them.

“Hi there.” Sophie said as she walked up to her.

The lady looked scared.

“It’s okay. We’re not trying to hurt you, or take anything from you.” Sophie said, as she was taking out a pair of pink gloves for her.

“Here, we thought you might like these.” Sophie explained, as the lady smiled when Sophie gave her a pair of new gloves.

“Thank you so much.” She said as she had put them on.

“I wish there is something more I can to do to help everyone. It breaks my heart knowing that there are people who are living out in the streets all cold, and lonely.” Sophie expressed.

“Yes, but these gloves will make a difference.” She said.

“It isn’t much, but I have some change for you, too.” Sophie said, as she pulled out a $5 bill.

“Sweetie, I love your kindness, but I don’t need it. There’s someone else in the world that needs it more than me.” She said, smiling at Sophie and her friends.

“Okay, I guess so. It was nice to meet you. Stay safe out here.” Sophie said as she put her money away back in her pocket.

“You, too.” The lady said, as she admired her gloves.

The three friends walked around to see more people.

“Where did you get that money from?” Lisa wondered.
“It’s from my Grandma’s inheritance.” Sophie answered.
“This is really noble of you, Sophie.” Ben said.
“Yeah, but I want to help people.” Sophie explained.

They came across a father and a daughter sitting in the cold, as his daughter was in his lap.

“Hi, there. You look so cold. Let me help you.” Sophie said, as she was digging through her container to find some extra blankets to give them.

“Here, this might help.” Sophie said, as she handed it to the father.

“Thank you so much!” He said, as he was unfolding it to cover his daughter with it.

Ben was digging through his container and he gave him a hat.

“You are really nice. Her mother was so sick, and I had just lost my job at the time. And between paying for her medicine, her funeral costs, we just couldn’t stay ahead with the bills.” He explained.

“I’m really sorry to hear that. I know it must be hard. I lost my Grandma not too long ago.” Sophie explained.

“I don’t even know what to do anymore.” He said, as he began crying.

“Here, I know it isn’t much, but I hope you can get some soup with it.” Sophie said, handing him a $20 bill.

“You have no idea how much this means to me.” He said, as tears rolled his cheeks.

“Trust me, one day I will make this world a better place.” Sophie promised.

They spent the rest of the afternoon, helping and talking to various people. Lisa was really proud to have Sophie as her best friend, since she has the biggest heart.

They have enjoyed helping people throughout the day. They had learned a lot from other people. They were glad that they were able to let go of these things and make others smile, and keep them warm. They gave others some change as well.

“Sophie, you’re amazing! I am really glad to have a best friend like you. Thank you for encouraging me to get rid of this stuff that was just stashed away in a container. I feel so proud of myself.” Lisa expressed.

“Thank you. I am proud of you both.” Sophie said, as they carried their empty containers back to the car.


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