Goodreads Mondays #7 – November 30th, 2020

Another book on my (endless) To Be Read List, is Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It’s about somewhere in the universe there is a library that has over a million books. Some of these books show you what your life would like that, if you made a different choice at some point of your life, and shows you how different your life would be. So, if you were given this opportunity to see this library for yourself, how much better would your life be?

It is currently in the Final Round for Best Fiction. It was published on September 29th, 2020.

Goodreads Rating: 4.26 out of 5 stars

I would love to know what is on your To Be Read List, let me know in the comments.


Run Wild – Thutmose

I heard this cool song during some car commercial, and I Googled the words that I remembered hearing from it. I really loved this song. I feel like it is such a fun song to dance to.

It’s called Run Wild. It really inspires me to run wild and free. It reminds me that I can do anything I want to. It also reminds me that I don’t need to necessarily know where the future will take me. I just got to keep on going, and I can be anything I want to be.

It was also featured as the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

“Run wild
I’m on a mission, and I won’t stop,
No destination in mind, but it’s worth a shot.”

-Thutmose, Run Wild

What You Don’t Want Becomes What You Need

Hey, everyone! Let’s start our week off with positive vibes and thoughts.

Perhaps you have thought, “Why life has been throwing curveballs at you?”, and you don’t know why at first. The universe isn’t punishing you. It is giving you new perspective and sometimes even a new beginning. It may be hard to see it now, but it may be everything you need.

You can’t see a rainbow, until after you go through a storm. The universe has a crazy plan for all of us. There may be times where we don’t see that things will work out for us, but things actually work out better than we can ever imagine. What we may not realize was the crazy detour the universe gave us, was just what we needed.

Whenever you are going through something, just trust the universe knows what is best. It might just take some time to get use to the changes, but things will get better. You’ll soon realize why you needed to go through these transformations. When these events unfold, you’ll be truly grateful for these events.

Day 161 of 192

Today marks my 23rd week of this journey. I am so proud of myself for going through my stuff (finally). It’s been long overdue, but I want to have less going into 2021, and I want to be able to help others, too.

I hope that I have encouraged a few people to let go of some of their items they no longer want to use. It is such an important time that we give back to our community.

I haven’t used this pillow in a few years, that I actually thought I forgot about. I already have a pillow that my boyfriend had bought us. I’m probably just going to give this to my Grandma. I’m sure she can find a purpose for it.

Unfortunately, and I am embarrassed to showcase it, but it is quite old and dirty, so I’m just going to refrain from sharing a photo of it.

Day 160 of 192

Many years ago, my Grandma gave me these “socks”, they are mostly just to prevent blisters on the toes when wearing dress shoes. To me, they just don’t look comfortable, so I never bothered wearing them.

I’m not sure why I kept them for as long as I did. I might offer them to my cousin, because she likes to flats. In the box they come in, there are five pairs. If she doesn’t want these, then I’ll just send them back to my Grandma, I’m sure she’ll be able to find someone who would like these more than I did.

Day 159 of 192

This is Saturday’s item.

I don’t even remember where I first got this book, but I saw it in my childhood house, when I must have been in the seventh grade. It probably was my mom’s book, perhaps. But I already have it in my box set edition of all the books in the series. I’m going to ask my Mom if she wants this, if not I’m just going to give it to my Grandma.

My Mom and I used to read these books when I was younger, since she grew up on these books, but she never finished them. I hope my Mom and I can find some to make time, reading these books again. I always had a lot of fun reading these books.

Write in a Journal

In this edition of Feel Good Fridays, I’m hear to talk about the benefits of writing in a journal. If you aren’t much a writer, you can draw a picture, or just jot down some ideas and feelings.

This is a post where I try to encourage us to incorporate small ways to make healthy choices and feel good about ourselves even on what appears to the worst day ever.

Writing in a journal is so simple. It has the power to help calm our minds from racing. You can write out a to-do list, which helps you organize your tasks and shows you which ones to prioritize the important ones, and what needs to be done next. You can write about your goals, and how to make them come true. You can use it to keep your goals on track.

It helps reduce stress, while increasing your creativity as well. It’s your journal, so you can decorate it, however you see fits your style. You can decide when and how often you wish to write in it. You can write every day, or weekly. There are no rules, make your own.

Day 158 of 192

I found this stashed away in my container of random things that used to be in my old room when I used to live at my mom’s. When I was already staying at my boyfriend’s. Sometimes it was challenging to go to my mom’s house, because of our different schedules, and whatnot. My mom had offered my old room, so my sister’s boyfriend drove me over to pack up my things in a container, to get sorted out later. It was a last minute thing. I am finally going through my belongings. It feels great to not have my things at someone else’s house.

I came across this old make up brush that used to be my sister’s, and she used to live at my mom’s three years ago. So it’s safe to say it’s old, and she doesn’t even remember having this. I’m just going throw it away, since I already have my own make up brushes for special occasions.

Thankful Thursdays #22

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, what a perfect way to spend time truly thinking about you’re grateful for.

Every week I round up and think about what I am thankful for. I encourage everyone to do this activity.

Here is my list.

  1. I’m thankful for catching up with a friend I haven’t spoken to in a little while. I’m glad he is doing well.
  2. My boyfriend brought me my container from my sister’s house. I am currently going through at the moment. I’ve been trying to go through my things. It is a freeing and exciting project. Not only is it allowing me to find a home for these items, but it is also a great feeling knowing that I am helping others by donating things I no longer use or need anymore.
  3. My boyfriend and I did some decorating around our room. We hung up my lights. It is over my vision board. I think it is really pretty. I shared a photo below. It says, “Easy Does It”, it reminds when I have a lot going on, I remind myself to take things slowly, even if it is just one thing at a time.
  4. I was able to go out for more walks this week, although that may be why my back is a bit sore, but slowly getting better.
  5. I got to watch two football games yesterday, which was fun, although those games were a blow out, but still entertaining. When I watched the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Performance during the halftime show between the Dallas and Washington football, I came across a new singer, Kane Brown. The Salvation Army accepts donations to help out those less fortunate. I really enjoyed his music performance.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of my followers who are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I hope you had a safe, but wonderful day. I know it must not have the one you were hoping to have, because maybe you had to it virtually, or other traditions couldn’t be done this year.

I love Thanksgiving so much, that I always make sure I have a delicious meal, because I also pretend it’s Thanksgiving (again!), I’m Canadian, so I had already celebrated it last month. I made myself a delicious bowl of soup. I like to partake by watching the football games, although I was sad, because my team (Pittsburgh Steelers) didn’t get to play since Baltimore had an outbreak of Covid-19. But hopefully they all make a recovery.

But it’s important to feel gratitude every day. I hope everyone was able to find something to be thankful for. This definitely has been a challenging for everyone.

Remember it is best to count your blessings, instead of your burdens.