Hot Chocolate Latte

In this Tea Tuesday edition on a Wednesday. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I ended up spending the day outside reading a good book.

I made myself a hot chocolate latte in my cozy sweater mug. Over the weekend, I officially took out my Christmas/winter mugs and teas. I keep them in my cupboard, but now they are on display, which is always exciting.

It is extra creamy especially as a latte. It also uses real cocoa beans, so it is really decadent. It makes for the perfect treat.

Here is my special cozy sweater mug, that is my favourite winter mug. I bought it last year, as a Christmas present for myself.


4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Latte

    • 3yellowdaisies says:

      Exactly! I enjoy reading outside, although I’m going to be sad, since my winter is approaching. It snows a lot in my winters, so it’s hard to read in the middle of a snow storm. 😦 But that just means I get to read in bed, curled up with cozy blankets, and that’s fun too!

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