Goodreads Mondays #6 – November 23rd, 2020

This is a post about us discussing one of the books in our To Be Read List and talking about why we would like to read it. I would love to know what is your favourite genre, and what books are on your To Be Read List.

I saw this book on Goodreads, as a book that other liked, based on some of the thrillers I have been reading lately. I saw it and I placed a hold at my local library. I am really excited to read it soon.

It is about this family who leaves their town and past behind them to have a fresh start. They ended up buying a rumoured haunted house. They are trying to not have secrets exposed although they find that challenging when something or someone is watching their every move from inside their house.

Goodreads Rating 3.91 stars out of 5

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