Day 28

Sometimes, some people may say mean things to us, that may or may not bring us down. My Grandma had said something to me, and it sort of hurt my feelings. I guess it mostly hurt my feelings, because I feel like all week people have been reminding me that I am not good enough, and my Grandma had something that implied that my efforts had fallen short. Maybe that is why my feelings were hurt so much.

I have been trying to find ways that remind me that I am good enough. I have talked about it with my friends and other family members that reminded me that I am good enough, So that was good to hear. Hearing that made me extremely happy.

Today, I will have reasons to remind myself that I am good enough. Even if other people, including myself, think otherwise. It maybe challenging to see ourselves as enough. We either bring ourselves down, or other people may say something hurt, or do something mean that might make us think that we aren’t good enough. In reality we are.

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