Day 32

What I love the most about reading, is that it can let your mind wonder into a new place, perhaps a place where you have dream of going to. Or perhaps the book you are reading, is inspiring you to be a better person, or perhaps you’re reading a book to help you learn a new language. Whatever your reason as to why you love reading books may be, it’s important to make an effort to read every day. Whether you make 15 minutes, or a half hour to read a day, you will begin to notice the amazing effects of reading. Your vocabulary might strengthen, because you may have learned new words, or phrases from your books. Your problem solving skills will improve as well.

I love reading because right now, there are so many travel restrictions where I am not able to travel to anywhere I desire. Mind you I wouldn’t really feel comfortable to travel to somewhere new, in the middle of this pandemic. But I love being able to use my imagination to discover something new.

Today, I will try to read every day. It can have a lot of benefits on our brain, and lifestyle. Reading can help heighten our imagination. I will read and use my imagination to help me escape with what I am currently dealing with. Reading is like feeding your brain, mind and soul. Today, I will make an effort to read when I can.


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