Day 59

This is a lesson from Sunday, which happened to be my boyfriend’s birthday.

We had a fun and relaxing day. I made him breakfast in bed. I also made dinner, too. We had bacon, and fries, and a cup of tea for breakfast. Then for dinner, we had steak, and oven roasted potatoes. Then we just spent the day inside, we didn’t really have much planned. I don’t really like to go out if it isn’t essential. My boyfriend didn’t mind that we didn’t go out. He was more than happy to just stay in.

Sometimes we think we need to make some grand gesture for someone’s birthday. But in fact, it’s the opposite really. We can get by with simplicity. We can have a simple birthday, and it will still be specular. I wrote my boyfriend a letter, and I painted him a picture for his birthday. He really enjoyed and appreciated my efforts to make his day feel special. Sometimes what matters more is your presence, and not your presents.

Today, I look for simple ways to make my days special. I don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort to let someone I love them. It’s often that simple things are more memorable, and meaningful than some kind of extravagant effort.


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