Day Twenty-One

Hi all,

Today is the final day of the 21 Day Challenge. Thank you so much for everyone being a part of this journey. I am so thankful for each and one of you to participate in this journey with me.

Let’s learn to appreciate movies. Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie with some people? They help us create and strengthen our bonds with friends and loved ones. They make us laugh and cry. Some movies even help us learn something. And learning is amazing!

There is so much work that goes into making a movie. We should all value the work and thought that goes into making a movie. In order to express our gratitude, we shall watch a movie, whether it be our favourite movie or something we haven’t seen before, be sure to express your gratitude!

Remember expressing gratitude changes everything.


Day Twenty

Hi friends!

Today, let’s learn to be appreciate music. Music is such an important aspect in our lives.

It cheers us when we’re sad. Music motivates us to get through a much needed work out and clean up around the house.

Music is also used to intensify a TV show or a movie.

We use music to help us with study and remember things, like how there’s songs about the human anatomy.

We also use music to help us recall special memories that we’ve shared with other people.

Let’s show our appreciation to music by dancing out our stress and worries.

Day Nineteen

Hi again!

Today we should feel grateful for getting mail. Whether it be letters and cards from family and friends or be packages from online shopping. We should always express our appreciation for our letter carriers who provide us with this service.

I love getting mail, there’s just something about it. It makes me happy.

Day Eighteen

Hi friends! Wow, I can’t believe we are almost at the end of our 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. I hope you are starting to notice the difference already. And if you haven’t, that’s okay, sometimes things take a little while for great things to harvest.

Today, we are going to express our gratitude for our hardships and how we’ve overcame a challenge in our lives. Our challenges is what strengthens us. These experiences makes us realize what we truly want in life. We realized that we owe ourselves the best life possible. Maybe we come to the realization that we deserve a better job, where our work gets appreciated; a new job bring us new and great opportunities. Look for something better. Trust me. Staying at a job for too long, especially if you are unhappy, is almost like a waste of life. Your days are far more valuable to be anything but happy.

Or perhaps you come to the realization that you’re at the end of a loveless relationship or you realize that this isn’t going in a direction you had thought it was going in. And it’s okay to end a relationship or even take a break from each other. Just make sure you and your partner are respectful of each other.

For me, I feel like I need a new job because the one that I currently have just isn’t making me happy right now. So I just want something new and something that is fulfilling.

Do not let your hardships define who you are, but use them as stepping stones to get where you need to be. These kinds of changes don’t happen overnight. Be patient and gentle on yourself.

Whenever you overcome something you thought you couldn’t, you learn to appreciate your hard work and how you got there. Life and success aren’t mapped out in straight lines, so just because it took a little while longer than you thought it would, don’t be so hard on yourself.

For example, perhaps you are 33, and want to go back to school and pursue a different career like nursing. You might think that you’re “too old” because it is a four year major. Well guess what? In four years you’ll still be 37, you may as be a nurse too. So you go and get that major!

And also another thing is, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people. Everything will come to you when it is needed to come to you, when you need it. Not a minute late or earlier. This is where you are supposed to be. Don’t compare your chapter, to someone else’s book. Keep doing you. And never do anything you don’t want to do. Never let others persuade or pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.

Don’t let anything or anyone bring you down. You go out and preserve. You can triumph your obstacles. I believe in you. Chase your dreams, and don’t let your hardships stop you from being you are destined to be.

“I made it through the darkest part of the night

And now I see the sunrise

Now, I feel glorious.”

-Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey, Glorious

Day Seventeen

Hi everyone! Today, I look back at all of the memories I’ve shared around a campfire. I am so grateful for those relaxing times. I spent a lot of my summers at my Grandparents’ cottage and they would always have a fire going and we would make hot dogs, and s’mores. I loved the simplicity of a good fire. The crackling sound of the flames, just made things so peaceful. And of course, all of the memories of my Grandparents’ cottage.

Today, we shall be grateful for the memories we have experienced, especially those that brings us simplicity and relaxes us.

Day Sixteen

Let’s be thankful for our phones and laptops as they are used to keep us in touch with our loved ones when we can’t visit them during these times of uncertainty.

I love that I can call up my sister and grandparents whenever I want to hear their voice. I can Facetime my niece and see her play with her toys. It brings a big joy in my life.

I love having the luxury of being able to message my family and friend all at my fingertips, and being able to get a quick response.

Communication sure has updated throughout my lifetime. I remember helping my Grandma write her Christmas cards out to her family and friends. Later letters got replaced with e-mails. And now text messages is now becoming one of the top choices in communicating with others.

I am grateful for being able to communicate with my family and friends so easily and efficiently.

Day Fifteen

Hi again! We should feel grateful for air conditioning. The weather is starting to sizzle, I am glad to stay cool.

I am so glad to have it in my place. Air conditioning is an amazing invention. Today, let’s feel gratitude for anything that keeps you cool during the hot weather.

Day Fourteen

I don’t know about y’all but today was a beautiful day. It was a nice temperature and lots of sun, without a cloud in the sky. I love those kind of days.

I went out and did an hour worth of walking in the sun. I am so grateful for sunshine. It really does make me happy. It really fuels my body and soul.

Never forget to go outside. It really soothes the soul.

Today, I am grateful for the sun and how happy it makes me feel. What type of weather are you grateful for?

Day Thirteen

We should appreciate the days that we don’t have any plans. Although, I know during a time like this, it may be difficult to be grateful, but we are able to slow things down and just be in the moment.

It is such a relaxing thought of being present and not have to worry about having plans. It is a bit new to me, because I do like to plan things. This is a new scenery to me.

This is one of the positive changes Covid-19 has brought upon me, and with that, I am grateful.

Tonight, I’m enjoying my evening with my boyfriend, watching a movie. And there us no place I would want to be.

Let’s utilize this time, to be present, to really be mindful. Let’s learn to go with the flow.

Day Twelve

Let’s be thankful for enjoying a hot beverage in the morning. My beverage of choice is a tea latte. I love blogging when I wake up, especially with a latte.

I normally have different teas throughout the day. It is such a peaceful way to begin the day. Although the majority of the time, my first tea is normally one with high caffeine to get me going.

What’s in your mug today?