Day Eleven

We are almost done with the 21 Day Challenge.

I have always been a book worm my whole life. I would always sacrifice my sleep just to find out how my book ends.

My boyfriend and I have a tradition which is we go out to a book store and buy a book for our birthday as well as a hot beverage or a cold beverage from a local coffee shop.

I have a passion of collecting books as well. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series. I’m a huge fan of J.K. Rowling’s work. She is a brilliant author. I also enjoy reading self help books and hearing other people overcome their triumphs and struggles. It gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation to do and be better. These books help me have better habits and routines.

Which books are you mostly grateful for? And how do you organize your books?


Day Ten

Today, I am thankful to learn new things. I love learning new recipes, new languages and new skills. Right now I have been going through my recipe books, and I have been relearning French on a language app on my phone. They say we learn something new every day. I wholeheartedly agree with that.

I love being able to learn new things. It is such a privilege to make time and having many different resources at our fingertips that allow us to learn new things. It helps sharpen our minds. They are many healthy benefits that come with having a healthy mind. Learning new things helps keep our minds and brains in shape.

What are you most grateful for learning?

Day Nine

Hi there! Today is about having a bed to rest on. It might be the biggest or the best bed you have ever dreamt of, but I’m sure it’s still a good one to rest up and sleep away your worries.

I am thankful for my bed because it gives my body a chance to replenish my soul after a long day from work or just from having a bad day. I know whatever my day brings me, I know I can cuddle up in my bed under warm blankets and soft pillows and have a cozy night in reading my books.

What makes you grateful for your bed?

Day Eight

Let’s recall a time where we are thankful for the generosity of strangers. Some days it might seem like we really don’t give much appreciation to them.

They are often very nice, such as when you ask them for directions because you’re travelling in a foreign city. Or they may even give you spare change because you dropped a coin and no longer have enough fare for the bus. Or if a stranger gives you the rest of their arcade tickets to your kids.

Just know that not all strangers are dangerous, some can be generous. But never take their kindness for granted.

Today, I am grateful for the strangers I see reading books at the cafe I used to work at for their reading recommendations.

Remember your friends were once strangers.

Day Seven

Let’s learn to have gratitude for our health. Sure, there are days that we may not be in perfect health, but we still have working parts.

Write about why you are grateful for your health, and if you aren’t satisfied with your health, gradually work on improving it. Perhaps you can start adding 10 or even 15 minutes a day working out, anything that allows you to move your body will do wonders. Start gradually and you will be more confident to do more in the upcoming days.

Every day brings new opportunities, so never be afraid to seize those experiences. But also, it is wise to make healthy issues too, like drinking some water, eating your fruit and vegetables — your mom wasn’t wrong.

Even if you are having a bad day, don’t forgot to find your gratitude and always be thankful no matter what kind of day you may have endured. Never go to bed without having a grateful heart.

I am grateful for my health because although I am prone to always getting sick, I am working towards bettering myself and my health by practicing some yoga, mediation, and trying to eat healthier.

Day Six

Let’s be thankful for our ability to communicate with each other. The world be a boring place without talking to others.

I am thankful for the family and friends I get to discuss my problems with them and give me guidance to do the best thing. I am grateful that this lockdown is happening now when we have technology on our hands instead of having this lockdown during a time where technology wasn’t accessible.

Today, let’s express our gratitude by talking to our person.

Day Five

Today is about thankful for a special skill or talent that you have, but not a lot of people have. Or just any skill that you are happy to have.

It can be anything from the ability to read, to speak another language or to cook great food.

Whatever the skill you think about, write about why you are thankful, write or think about who taught you this skill. Say thank you out aloud, or call this person up, expressing your thankfulness.

For me, that skill that I’m most happy to have is reading. It has the ability to calm me down, allow me to “travel” into another world. Especially I have to put my plans on hold because because of the coronavirus lockdown. This time will give me more time to save up more money. The person who made me fall in love with books is my sister. She is three years older so she knew how to read and always read us stories before we went to bed. She always had the best books.

Day Four

It is important to be thankful for waking up today. The universe gave you another day of opportunities — don’t let it go to waste.

It’s the universe’s way of saying your story isn’t over. Make more memories, seize those opportunities and always be grateful for another day.

Unfortunately, there are many people around the world, who weren’t lucky enough to experience today on Earth with us. Please don’t waste today by dwelling on your life and what to do next. My Grandpa always says; “Time waits for no one.” Go out and live your life.

Feel free to write about your plans for today in the comments.

Day Three

Today we are going to talk about expressing gratitude towards a family or friend. Take some time to really think about this person and write them a letter or an email or give them a call to let them how grateful you are to have them in your life. And also, what they do for you. Perhaps it’s because they always think of you or ask you if you are okay, or they make you laugh, or they bring you soup when you are sick.

For me, my person is my cousin. I am grateful because we can always talk to one another. We have so much fun during our hangouts. We address our concerns and help brainstorm alternatives. I told her how much I appreciate her via email, since I couldn’t tell her in person, since the whole coronavirus lockdown.

Feel free to post who you appreciate and why in the comments.

Day Two

Hi there! Today marks Day Two of the Gratitude Challenge. If you miss Day One, no worries, it is listed below. You can start this challenge whenever you are ready.

Day Two is about learning to appreciate the good experiences in your life. This challenge is about looking at an old photograph or a digital version of some kind of photo, of you and/or others having a joyous time. Look back on that day, and ask yourself why you are grateful for that memory? What can I do to plan this day in the near future? Perhaps, you went on a vacation by yourself, or with others.

Or maybe you’re thankful because that day taught you an important lesson, or maybe it was a photograph of someone who isn’t here anymore, you spend your days celebrating their live and traditions. That photograph is how you are grateful to know such an amazing person and how glad you are that your paths crossed.

Anything along those things is good. Be sure to thank that photo and the memories or the lessons it taught you.

You can write about it in the comments below or in a notebook or even in your notes on your computer or in your phone. Or even just think about it for a few minutes.

The picture I am thinking about is when I met my niece and held her for the first time. That photo is dear to me because I am grateful to have her in my life. I’m grateful for her because she brought my sister and I closer together than we were before my niece was born. That day made me realize how strong my big sister is, and seeing how happy she is with motherhood.

Another photo I was at a cottage for a family gathering. It makes me happy because I love the sun and being with my family. It also reminds me of one of my favourite quotes… “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” -Helen Keller

I look forward to reading all of your comments. You don’t have to post a photo, if you aren’t comfortable with it.