Day 133

Today has been far the most productive I have had in a long time.

I have had a stressful week but I am slowly becoming more positive.

I am eating healthier, I’ve been exercising more and I have been focusing on me more. I feel great!

This week…

1. Continue to eat healthy

2. Exercise

3. Read


Day 126

This week things are getting better. Slowly.

There are days where I would like to lay in bed and not deal with things or people.

I am trying to get by.

Goals for this week…

1. Continue to exercise

2. Eat healthy

3. Get more sleep

Day 119

This week was another rollercoaster. I feel like whenever things are getting better, another thing happens in a different aspect of my life. I can’t have every aspect of my life right; something is wrong. It varies from my job, to my relationships, to my health and prosperity.

I’ve been going through a few struggles lately and I’ve been trying my best to think of solutions. I can’t.

Something that works well for me is stretching and exercising. That really helps clear my mind and relaxes me a bit from the chaos.

I’ve been reminding myself that I have to accept the things I cannot control. I have to understand that I can only change the things I can.

This week…

1. Exercise more

2. Change my mindset

3. Read

Day 105

I honestly haven’t felt this sad in two years.

This week was very difficult I suffered food poisoning and other stuff that I would rather not disclose.

This week I will work on improving my happiness.

Day 28

Okay, I had a good week. I ate really healthy over the past few days. I visited many people I haven’t seen in awhile (my grandparents, my cousin and a family friend).

I have been organizing a lot although it is still a work in progress but it is almost done.

I went to bed early last night and I have been trying to get into the habit of stretching and doing a few yoga poses as well.

I feel happier and proud of myself for competing these resolutions. I will still make time do these resolutions even in February.


Day 14

With all of the things that has stressed me out I wasn’t able to finish all of my resolutions this week. I broke several but that’s okay, too.

First things first I have wrote a list of things that I would to accomplish before the end of the month. Most of the list is to declutter my house. I completed another nagging task so that’s good. It gave me something to check off of the list.

Going to bed early has been a really big challenge so I am going to try to go to bed early tonight. The thing that makes it difficult is that my boyfriend works afternoons. I like to socialize with him before I go to sleep.

I am half way down my room. I need to organize my memory box. This task is going to take a lot of patience because I need to declutter a lot of that.

I missed milk and sugar in my tea so instead of my milk, honey and cinnamon I went back to sugar. But on plus note I have had more vegetables. I am still getting into the habit of taking my supplements.

Next thing I need to work on is being more active and flexible. I want to do a run with my boyfriend before the year ends. If that is something that we do then we should start training as soon as possible.

I am slowly adding more reading into my daily routine.

I will continue to strive forward with my goals.


Day Seven

I feel like what will help me create better results about achieving goals is by writing a blog post about my achievements every seven days. Every month I will be working on new resolutions.

In the past seven days I was able to keep up with some of my resolutions. Although one of my hardest resolution to do was going to bed early and creating a calming oasis before I went to sleep. I have been on my phone playing games or watching TV. The way I want to fall asleep is by tiding up a bit, writing in a journal, preparing a Most Important Tasks (it is a list of three things that I want to achieve before I leave the house) and then by reading for a bit Then say good night and I love you to my loved ones.

But on the positive I was able to get on the right track with eating better. I now drink tea with cinnamon and honey instead of sugar. My boyfriend and I used to add two teaspoons of sugar which definitely added up with all of the cups of tea we would have throughout the day. I read that consuming honey and cinnamon there are several of health benefits – strengthens immune system, helps with weight loss, boosts memory and energy as well as other health benefits.

I stretched this morning which is good because I stopped stretching for the longest time.

I am working on decluttering and getting rid of the things I no longer need. Last night I tidied up a bit before I went to bed. I’m slowly starting to do that more often that way I can start my morning more serenely.

I am also to change myself without wholly changing myself. I often say; “It’s okay.” after someone has said or did something hurtful to me. The same goes for when someone asks me if there’s anything wrong and I sometimes say; “Nothing.” even when there is something wrong. Some of the times it isn’t okay it’s just something I say to either deal with it on my own or because I feel talking about it would make the other party feel guilty about it. This is really something I am on working on because I have been saying that for almost the past two years now. It’s part of my codependent nature – which is something else that I am trying to work on. But I figured it would be best if I do it in baby steps.

So far, I  feel like I am on the right track but I just need to focus on my goals and not let distractions get in the way of my accomplishments.