Would You Rather…? Fashion Edition

I became inspired when I saw this post on, https://chasingthemaximumlife.wordpress.com/ so thank you for this amazing post! Anyone can partake in this, although https://chasingthemaximumlife.wordpress.com/ would prefer that you do tag her in your post.

The only rule in is this post is you have to answer each other. Neither, both and I don’t know are not acceptable answers.

  1. Wear the same outfit every day OR only be allowed to wear neutrals for life?
    I would be okay to only wear neutrals for the rest of my life, I wear a lot of black, and grey already.
  2. Be underdressed for an event OR be overdressed for an event?
    I would always want to be overdressed.
  3. Have an unlimited supply of the Perfect White T-Shirts OR have an unlimited supply of the Perfect Little Black Dresses?
    I would rather have an unlimited supply of the Perfect Little Black Dresses. I prefer to wear blank than white.
  4. Only be able to wear futuristic clothing OR only be able to wear an old-timey clothing?
    I would prefer futuristic clothing.
  5. Have a closet filled only prints and bright colours OR have a closet filled only with black clothes?
    I’m a fan of both these styles, but I’m going to go with black clothes. Although in real life, I would wear a floral shirt with a black blazer. For the sake of the game, I pick black clothes.
  6. Wear leather jackets for the rest of your life OR wear denim jackets for the rest of your life?
    I like both, but I will pick leather jackets.
  7. Wear Chanel OR Louis Vuitton?
    I haven’t worn either, but I would pick Chanel.
  8. Wear only dresses OR only coordinating suits to all formal events?
    I’m more a dress wearing kind of gal!
  9. Wear heels that are ugly and old, but super comfortable OR wear gorgeous heels that everyone loves, but torture your feet and give you blisters?
    I would much rather be at comfort than having to impress others.
  10. Shop more and pay less OR shop less and live more?
    I would much rather shop less and live more. I’m pretty much doing already. 🙂