Plan for Tomorrow

I am starting to get into a habit of planning out my tomorrow before I go to bed. I have managed to plan out my whole week and I am really proud of myself.

I wrote out my goals and what I want to accomplish.. I cannot wait to start my day off right!

I am going to clean when I wake up. I am also going to do a bit of decluttering. I find that getting rid of stuff that I no longer use is very freeing.

Today, I will plan out my tomorrow. I will write my goals out to make more meaningful and motivate me to accomplish them.

One Thing – Making Resolutions

Every month I begin making resolutions that I plan to achieve for that month. I thought long and hard of what I would like to accomplish.

I worked out a morning routine that consists of stretching, mediating, eating breakfast and reading. I am striving towards being more organized. I am also working on de-cluttering my house.

I am planning on saving more money for school, my future house (several of years from now) and other things for my future.

Staying In the Now

I am trying my best to regain my mindfulness. I used to incorporate it in my life but then I got sidetracked with life and now I’m hoping to regain it again.

I really want to change myself without actually changing myself.

Today, I will do something to stay mindful. It can be something as easy as focusing to my breathing whilst in line at a grocery store or waiting for a bus. You can do it. It will help you regain calmness and stillness in your life.

One Thing – Exercise

I’ve been working really hard on trying to better myself. It’s hard to explain. I would like to change myself without changing myself. Change myself as in improving myself.

Today my boyfriend and I did a bit of walking – not like we were training for a marathon but we did walk around when we went shopping and to a coffee shop and to my place.

I’ve been wanting to take more walks but we haven’t found the energy. But now that our schedules are more compatible with each other we would have more time to spend with one another.