Advent Calendar of Kindness 2020 Day 10

I thought it would be a wonderful time for us to send cheer and love, and focus less on the stress, the commercialization of Christmas.

Today’s challenge is to reach out to a friend, or a family member. Whether it’s you sending them a letter, an email, text message, or a phone call, or another way, I’m sure they will love it. We are often too busy and stressing out about our never ending to-do lists, that we miss out on what is truly important.

Today, I got to see my sister, and my niece, which I haven’t seen them in about a month. I felt really happy to see her, and I can tell they were happy, too. We went to the park before the sun went down, that was fun. We had dinner together. While my sister cooked dinner, I got to play with my niece in her room. She was showing me all of her toys. That was a lot of fun. She was smiling when she kept on putting her tiara on my head. That was cute.

Please know that you don’t have to buy this person a gift. Your words will be enough.

Advent Calendar of Kindness 2020 Day 2

Instead of indulging with a calendar of chocolate, counting down to Christmas, I thought it would be a better way to celebrate with being kind to others, and this allows us to spread love to strangers, and people we care about.

Today’s Challenge is to let someone go in front of you in a line. I know people are visiting less stores these days. but if you are ever in line, let someone go in front of you. I tried to do this a few days ago when I went to the grocery store, but the lady said it was okay. I tried, but hopefully the next person I offer agrees. If they don’t, it’s not a big deal to me.

I try my best to spread love, and kindness to everyone I see, and talk to. I enjoy seeing people happy, and smile because of something I have done, and said. 🙂

This year, spread kindness, not germs.

Advent Calendar of Kindness 2020 Day One

I came across this idea about advent calendar of kindness in one of my memories, and I thought what better way to spend some joy and holiday cheer. This year has been such a difficult year for all of us. I hope this helps us show each other love and compassion. I’ll be documenting my journey throughout the month.

Today’s mission is to give someone a hug, or a compliment someone. Hugging may be off limits depending on your situation, and what you are comfortable with. But feel free to give someone a compliment today.

I always hug my boyfriend before he leaves for work, and when he comes back, and before bed. So I did that one already.

My compliment was to my cousin, and I told her how lucky I was to have her, and how much I miss hanging out with her. Her and I are going to make plans later on to hang out with each other some day. I love that girl.

I already gave my sister and my niece a compliment earlier. My sister sent me a photo of my niece all bundled up in her winter gear. It’s her first time wearing snow pants. I thought she looked adorable. 🙂