Hot Chocolate With Steamed Milk

I will be posting an actual tea tomorrow. A lot of the tea I have right now, are iced teas, and I’m a bit too cold for that right now.

Although I made this a bit differently I used a hazelnut flavoured coffee creamer mixed with milk. It was delicious! I remember coming home from school, and my mom would make me hot chocolate, and she would add her hazelnut coffee creamer to it, to make it creamy. It would always be delicious.

This is my absolute favourite winter mug ever!

Here Comes the Sun -the Beatles

This song always makes me happy. I love The Beatles, my mama would always be playing them growing up. This song reminds me of the fun we used to have when I was a kid.

It’s quite popular in TV shows and movies, as well.

It reminds us that even during the bad times, the sun will rise again.

“Here comes the sun,
And I say, it’s alright.”

-The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun