Day 170 of 192

I am still going through my container of things that I had in my old room from my mom’s house. It feels amazing to finally tackle this project (finally)! My goal is go through this container, and the last container I have at my sister’s house before the year is over.

I came across this book, that my Grandma gave me several years ago. i haven’t written it, so I am going to re-gift this, and give it to my sister’s step son for Christmas.

I’m not sure where everyone stands on re-gifting. But I personally think it’s okay, just as long as you don’t accidentally give it back to the person who gave it to you. It’s sort of like repurposing something.


Iced Peach Matcha Latte – Tea Tuesday

Hey everyone! Welcome to another addition of Tea Tuesday. Today, I decided to have an iced peach matcha latte.

My sister bought my boyfriend and myself somewhat matching mugs last Christmas. I love tea and Disney, so it was the perfect gift.

First put the ice in the mugs.
I put in five scoops of peach matcha into my matcha bowl, and then I began whisking it after adding boiling water to make it liquid.
Then pour the matcha over ice, while the milk is frothing.
I got thirsty and took a few sips, before I remembered/realized I didn’t capture the moment of the frothed milk.