February 2021 Resolutions Summary

For my readers whom may not know about my Happiness Project… Each month I focus on making resolutions for myself that focuses on different aspects of my life that help me become more organized, happier, and more loving. I became inspired by the idea from Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project. In February, she found ways to add more love to her relationships. So I sort of did the same idea for my month of February as well.

On the first of every month, I will write about my resolutions are, and why. And then on the last day of the month, I will write about my successes and my not so successful resolutions. It has been an exciting journey so far, I have learned a lot about myself.

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I feel like this was a busy month, so that made things a bit more stressful. The days went by so quickly, that I felt like I didn’t have much time to get the things I wanted to get done, done. So I had to learn to manage my time better, and more efficiently. I feel like my confidence has increased a bit. I have felt like I have been loving myself more. I started partaking a yoga schedule, and getting myself more active.

My February resolutions were…

  1. Fight right
  2. Give tokens of love
  3. Kiss each other good night and good morning
  4. Give compliments to each other

Ironically, my boyfriend and I had a stressful month, because we spent a lot of night fighting with each other. Although it gave us chances to work on our fighting, and how to resolve a conflict we were facing at the time. My recommendations to fight right is paint, or draw a picture to express the feelings you are experiencing. You can write a letter to the person, and have that person you are in a disagreement, reply back. You can use; “I feel…” statements. Really refrain from calling each other rude names, because that will just make things worst.

I painted my boyfriend a painting, and I wrote him a letter. I wanted to do more for him, but he was home more than he normally was, because his work was slow. But we spent a lot of time together, to make up for the fact. We watched some new shows together, which is always fun. We took turns cooking, and cleaning.

We definitely kiss each good morning, but sometimes my boyfriend got too tired, and fell asleep before kissing me good night. But for the most part, we did fairly well with this resolution.

I feel like we did give each other compliments, but I guess we could have given each other more compliments. We can work on that next month, too.

All in all, I am starting to feel more happy with making and working on these resolutions. I feel like I will try to do better in March. I can’t wait to start and begin new resolutions. I’ll definitely keep you posted on what I am working on next.


Day 56

This lesson is from Thursday.

On Wednesday night, I went over to my mom’s for dinner. And she also invited her parents, too. We had a lovely time. I haven’t seen them in awhile with the whole lockdown and such. It was nice to share a meal with them. I helped my mom make the dinner, we had a roast beef, with corn and oven roasted potatoes. My mom and I hung out a bit before we had dinner. We went for a walk in her neighbourhood. That was fun.

It is important to spend time with family. As we’re growing up, and having fun, it’s easy to forget that they’re getting old. I know that some family members might live in different areas of the world, and can’t travel to go see them. Perhaps you can have a virtual dinner (if it works for the time zones you live in), or write them letters instead. Or send each other videos via email, or other social media platforms. The point is some times we don’t make time for our family, as often as we should.

Today, I will make more time to see or socialize with my family some way or another. Family is more valuable than we think it is. It is necessary to make time for family members. Family may be all that we have, so it is good for us to enjoy everything about them. When they pass on, we always wish to see them one more time.

February Resolutions 2021

As part of My Happiness Project, each month I focus on different aspects and areas of my live. This is about my journey of how I incorporate new habits, and thought process into every day. For February, I had decided to focus on love, and relationships, not just with my boyfriend, but with other relationships as well. On the first day of every month, I will discuss my goals, and resolutions, and how I will be making these changes. Then on the last day of the month, I will talk about how I made these changes, and to discuss on how these habits helped me experience more happiness.

My Resolutions

  1. Fight Right
  2. Give tokens of love
  3. Kiss each other good night, and good morning
  4. Give compliments to partner

Fight Right

This one is about being able to come to a resolution, that doesn’t include name calling, or making fun of each other. There are various ways of being able to fight right without being hurtful to one another. I would explore other ways of fighting right in order to come to a conclusion. I would keep you posted on that later.

Give Tokens of Love

I will find ways to give tokens of my love to my boyfriend. I’m not encouraging or recommending that you spend a lot of money on this. But some ideas include writing a letter, or drawing a photo, or making him a cup of a tea, or have breakfast in bed, or other ways that doesn’t cost any money.

Kiss Each Other Good Night, and Good Morning

This one is important, because you never know when the last time you will see each other, so it’s important that you end your conversations, and departures on a good note. Which brings me to my next resolution…

Give Each Other Compliments

It’s important to let your partner know that you appreciate them. So it is recommended that you show them your appreciation by saying thank you, or that they did something that you liked. And telling them a compliment is always nice. Tell them they look nice, or that their cup of tea you made them was delicious, etc. It isn’t that hard to find compliments for your partner.


I have loved working on this project. I am excited for what this month is going to bring for me. If this has inspired you to make these kinds of changes in your life, I would love to hear about your journey, and your Happiness Project. Be sure to keep me updated either in the comments, or by tagging me in your posts. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Day Sixteen

Let’s be thankful for our phones and laptops as they are used to keep us in touch with our loved ones when we can’t visit them during these times of uncertainty.

I love that I can call up my sister and grandparents whenever I want to hear their voice. I can Facetime my niece and see her play with her toys. It brings a big joy in my life.

I love having the luxury of being able to message my family and friend all at my fingertips, and being able to get a quick response.

Communication sure has updated throughout my lifetime. I remember helping my Grandma write her Christmas cards out to her family and friends. Later letters got replaced with e-mails. And now text messages is now becoming one of the top choices in communicating with others.

I am grateful for being able to communicate with my family and friends so easily and efficiently.

Day Six

Let’s be thankful for our ability to communicate with each other. The world be a boring place without talking to others.

I am thankful for the family and friends I get to discuss my problems with them and give me guidance to do the best thing. I am grateful that this lockdown is happening now when we have technology on our hands instead of having this lockdown during a time where technology wasn’t accessible.

Today, let’s express our gratitude by talking to our person.

The Future

I had breakfast at my boyfriend’s today and his sister joined. It was the first time the three of us had breakfast together.

Anyway it was an enjoyable breakfast. We talked about our future – our wedding, our honeymoon, our children. It was fun. I don’t know how we started talking about that but we did.

Today, I will think of how the decisions I make now will shape my future.

Precious Words

I realized that some words are more meaningful when they are said naturally instead of planned and/or rehearsed.

It is best to let things happen instead of planning this script in your head.

Today, I will let my words naturally flow instead of rehearsing everything.


I know that it is best to let go of the past and to have any regrets but sometimes I allow myself to get too caught up with the past. It’s the feeling of being stranded in quick sand where you let your past consume and there’s no escape

I’m not talking about my regrets with people it’s just I didn’t get the opportunity to wholly express myself to people whom I care a lot about. I had many opportunities to but choose not to say anything. I knew that I wanted to say was meaningful but for some reason my words were just unable to reach the surface.

I know and have accepted that everything happens for a reason. I understand that. But it’s just at times the reason is unclear. I don’t mean to dwell in all of this uncertainty and confusion.

I didn’t reveal all of my thoughts because of fear. I didn’t want to say something that would negatively effect my rapports with others. I am a very communicative person who loves to talk but for some reason I left a lot of words unsaid. And that saddens me that I didn’t express myself to my full capability.

And now I don’t know if the opportunity would arise again or if it is gone forever.

Today, I will release all thoughts that I am feeling and leaving nothing unsaid. Although I would only embrace my positive thoughts and not the ones that will harm others.