Peach Ginger and Dandelion Tea

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s another edition of Tea Tuesday! Today’s tea is Peach Ginger with Dandelion. It is infused with vitamin B6, which helps boosts your metabolism. It has other benefits such as prevents cancer, helps unclog arteries, helps with eye diseases, and promotes brain health.

This tea is a herbal tea, with no caffeine. It is super healthy, too. What I like is that you can taste more of the peach, and the ginger isn’t too powerful.

Here is my mug, well actually it’s a tea cup, for the day. What I love about this tea cup, is that it is yellow, which is my favourite colour. I love the flowers, and how elegant it is. It reminds me of a tea cup from Alice In Wonderland, or a tea cup from Great Grandma.


Cotton Candy Latte

It’s another Tea Tuesday, so today’s tea is cotton candy. I miss going to the fairs, especially in the summer, and eating cotton candy with my boyfriend.

So this is basically the closest thing I will be able to get to cotton candy. What I love about this it’s not too overly sweet, it has the perfect sweetness to it. This tea also makes a delicious iced latte as well. But I felt like I would have it hot today.

It is such a decadent treat to have. I love it!

I picked out my dandelion mug, because it reminds of spring, and to me, spring means renewal, and resetting. And that is what I have been dedicating August with having a reset to aspects of my life, like finances, health and decluttering.

Tea Tuesdays

In case, you didn’t know, I love drinking tea.

I have a huge collection of all different types of tea, and all sorts of mugs.

Today, I had Cranberry Dandelion Detox and I added a few slices of lemons since they are listed in the ingredients. I know that adding lemon slices has added benefits. It helps with weight loss, adding glow to your skin, aids in digestion and is enriched with Vitamin C.

I had this as an iced tea, and it was refreshing. This is one of my favourite mugs.