Captain of Your Soul

It’s time to start our weeks out with positive vibes. We need to regain confidence in ourselves. Sometimes we are guilty of doubting ourselves, or that we let other people decide what we should do next, rather than us simply listening to our hearts. We are the captain of our soul, no one else is.

It is okay, to seek advice from others, but we shouldn’t give them the power to make all of our decisions for us. We should only seek guidance and their opinions to help us make a decision, but don’t let someone make decisions on behalf of yourself.

Some days it may be harder to believe in yourself, but it is absolutely necessary.


Trust Yourself

I will make my own decisions although if necessary I will ask a supportive person to help guide me. Although my supportive person can only give me advice and not make the decision for me. This will help me become my own person.

Making my own decisions without allowing thoughts of what people may say or do be the deciding factor of whether or not I should pursue that. I need to know what is best for me.

This skill will strengthen my independence and slowly breaking away from being codependent and letting the people in my life to control the choices I make.

Today, I will learn to think for myself and to not the opinions of others interfere with my decisions that I would like to pursue.

The Future

I had breakfast at my boyfriend’s today and his sister joined. It was the first time the three of us had breakfast together.

Anyway it was an enjoyable breakfast. We talked about our future – our wedding, our honeymoon, our children. It was fun. I don’t know how we started talking about that but we did.

Today, I will think of how the decisions I make now will shape my future.


I hate decisions. But I am working on what benefits me instead of others.

I am slowing trying to figure this out. I always make decisions base on other people.

Today, I will make decisions that will better me instead focusing on others.