Chocolate Covered Strawberries Tea

Hey everyone, it’s another addition of Tea Tuesdays.

This tea is one of my favourites from this year. It’s perfect when you want to have a dessert of some kind, but don’t have any or your tummy is too full from dinner.

It has real bits of white chocolate and cocoa beans in the tea. It’s really decadent, but not overly sweet.

It’s a caffeine free mate tea, so that makes the perfect treat.

I have it in one giraffe mugs. It’s adorable. I got it as a Christmas gift, which is the perfect gift for me since I love giraffes and tea.


Strawberry Cheesecake

I was at my boyfriend’s house earlier and we had lunch together and he even bought us dessert. We shared a slice of strawberry cheesecake. He knows that is my favourite dessert, well technically cherry cheesecake is my absolute favourite but strawberry is a close second.

I prefer cherry because it reminds me of when I would help my grandma bake a cherry cheesecake for family gatherings. I had cherry many more times than strawberry.

It was so good! I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂