Day 110 of 192

I have set up my daily decluttering journey. This is where I document about removing one item from my life. The items I am removing from my life will benefit someone else who can use it instead of just sitting around in my room collecting dust.

I first started this project on Monday, June 22nd, of this year. I picked 193 days, because that is how many days were of 2020. This way I will be ringing in 2021 with 193 fewer items. It’s not too late for you to start this journey.

I also focus on my digital declutter by spending about 10 minutes a day. I go through my photos and organize them into albums, and deleting duplicates and any other photos I no longer need.

I encourage others to donate clothes so we can help others who don’t have the things we do to keep us warm. Or just donate anything else you no longer wear to a friend or a family member. A cool idea is organizing a clothes swap in your intermediate circle, where you can bring all of the things you no longer wear or use and have everyone do the same. Once everyone has their items you can just swap what you like and no longer use anymore. That way you can do an exchange with others. Whatever is left over you can donate it if any donation centres are open in your area. This helps with spending less money at shopping malls, and it’s a fun way to get rid of your stuff, too.

I normally just put everything in a reusable bag and hand it off to my Grandma. She is really sociable so she knows which of her neighbours and friends needs each of these items.

This item is from Saturday.

It’s a notebook that I had kept, thinking I would use it one day, but I never did. I had this notebook for several years, so I feel like it would be better with someone else.


Day 100 of 192

One hundred days are in the book, just 93 more days to go. I actually can’t believe it how many days have gone already. I am so proud of myself for achieving this milestone.

I have been trying to remove an item a day, and so far I have removed 100 items in my life. And a lot of digital items as well.

I found this in my container filled of my belongings, and I thought I would save it for my niece’s second birthday. My sister had to postpone my niece’s first birthday due to the pandemic. But that’s okay, better be safe than sorry.

Day 97 of 192

I have no idea as to why I insisted on keeping all of these belongings that I have kept. I am so happy to go through with it.

I have reached a point in my life where I am no longer wooed by items, especially trendy items that are just going to turn into clutter. I am buying less things to own.

I feel really good about myself.

This is some bracelet that I have kept from my childhood for whatever reason. I am glad that I can depart from it now.

Day 96 of 192

This is more miscellaneous stuff from the container I had carelessly set aside some of my belongings into a container. Clearly not a lot of thought was put into this. To be fair, I was pressed for time to pack up my room.

I often wondered why I allowed myself to be weighed down by all of these unnecessary objects.

Digital Declutter: I am making it a habit to spend ten minutes organizing and deleting my photos from my laptop.

Day 95 of 192

Before they decided to get rid of these plastic bottles in hotel rooms, they used to provide every room with body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Yes, they were convenient and meant that you didn’t have to haul your own stuff from your home, but at the same time it was really wasteful.

My sister went to a hotel because she went to some concert several years ago, and I forgot that she gave me this lotion. I only used once, and kept on promising me to myself that I would put on more lotion. Despite having a lot of lotion, I don’t use them as much as I tell myself, too.

I didn’t bother using this one, since I got it awhile ago, so I just threw it away.

Digital Declutter: I deleted five bookmarks on my laptop, that I no longer needed. I’ve been dedicating spending 10 minutes a day of organizing and deleting photos on my phone. Organizing them by placing them into albums. And hopefully am able to get them developed one day. Last time I checked developing photo programs at a Wal Mart wasn’t available right now. I always wanted to be able to get my photos developed with my boyfriend and build a photo album of our adventures together. I would to help my mom organize her photos as well.

Day 91 of 192

Today marks my 13th week decluttering everything. It’s been a crazy journey so far. I can’t believe the year is ending in 102 days. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, but I am looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings.

I remember when I was at my Grandparent’s house when I was younger. She had this really cool pen, and she knew how much my sister and I loved it, so she gave it to us. What was cool was his arms would able to move in circles.

My sister and I kept it for so many years, and now it no longer works. I never needed to keep it that long.

Day 90 of 192

This is Sunday’s item.

When I was younger I always liked my hair tied back, and in clips. But most days now, it’s just down.

I have no idea why I still have hair clips that I haven’t worn in about 20 years. I’m so happy that I don’t have to carry these things with me anymore.

Digital Decluttering: I uninstalled seven apps that I no longer use.

Day 88 of 192

Hey everyone, unfortunately I was getting all caught up with my feels over the weekend, so I wasn’t able to post much then. Although I’m feeling a bit better now.

That being said, this is Friday’s item.

I received a lot of perfumes, body sprays a lot for my birthday and Christmas presents over my lifetime. It’s too overwhelming to have all of these different scents. I’m probably going to give them to my cousin, sister and friends. I have told people so many times to stop giving me perfumes.

It feels good to let go of these things. This is another one of an empty perfume bottle. I kept it because I thought it was really pretty, but now it’s just taking up too much space.

Digital Declutter: I have been deleting all of the apps that I no longer use anymore.

Day 72 of 192

I got rid of a pair of socks because they got a hole in them. I also finished the last bit of my shower gel, so that’s a bonus.

Digital Unclutter: I also deleted 10 photos from my phone. They were mostly just duplicates of another good photo.