Every week, I like to post about something inspirational and motivational. I hope this helps people achieve their goals.

I like to think that if we spend more time focusing and talking about our blessings, instead of our problems, then the universe will continue to bless us with more blessings, and things to be grateful for. If you continue to talk about what is wrong in your life, then the universe is just going to continue to bring you more hardships. Whatever you send out into the universe is going to come back to you, multiplied. Whatever you spend your most time talking about is going to come back to you, so you may as well talk about your blessings.

Day 184 of 192

I was so happy when I found this shirt again, because I haven’t seen it in awhile. Since I used to wear it in high school, it no longer fits me.

I loved that it had the different animal print over each word, and I love these words a lot.

A Leap of Faith

After having breakfast with my boyfriend, he left for work which meant that I got to spend time with his ma, sister and her boyfriend.

She is planning on pursing post-secondary school and it made me think about my future goals.

I was browsing through the program options and it inspired me to really start saving up for college. I have already started but now I would love to pursue my dream.

Today, I learnt to believe in myself and to trust my journey. I will always strive for my dreams no matter what.